Motion v5.1 Multilingual MacOSX

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Motion v5.1 Multilingual Mac OS X

5 专为视频编辑人员而设,它能让您自定 Final Cut Pro 字幕、转场和效果。或在 2D 或 3D 空间中创建您自己的精美炫目的动画,同时还能在您工作时提供实时反馈。

• 全新的 Mac Pro 上的双 GPU 优化,能够提供无可比拟的实时回放性能,并进行更快的渲染
• 64 位架构支持在 Final Cut Pro 中使用更深的多层效果
• ColorSync 管理的色彩源能在各个应用程序间产生精确、一致的色彩
• 共享渲染引擎提供的质量与 Final Cut Pro 和 Compressor 相一致
• 渲染使用浮点和线性光颜色空间,从而实现极度逼真的结果

• 使用外观和风格非常熟悉的单个窗口界面快速完成工作
• 通过在 Motion 中打开 Final Cut Pro 字幕、效果和转场来自定它们
• 使用简易的控制创建智能 Motion 模板,从而在您编辑时进行更改
• 借助 1900 余种 Apple 设计的元素来构建绚丽的 2D 和 3D 合成效果
• 对回放过程中的任意参数进行调整,并即时查看结果

• 借助对位置、不透明度、旋转等方面的完全控制,设计生动的文本效果
• 通过从 200 多种文本行为(如“键入”)中选取来直接动态显示文本
• 通过导入文本文件来构建摄制人员名单卷动效果;卷动行为将为您优化速度
• 使用调整字形工具来移动、缩放或旋转单个字符
• 使用序列文本行为来一次性波纹化文本中的一个字符、一个单词或某一行
Motion v5.1 Multilingual Mac OS X
• 从 230 多种行为中进行选取来获得自然的运动,无需编程
• 使用 130 个符合 FxPlug 标准的滤镜来增强 2D 或 3D 动画效果
• 借助跟踪点和匹配移动功能,在视频片段中跟踪移动的对象
• 使用全新的抠像滤镜可一步创建精确的色度抠像
• 应用“链接”行为来生成参数,从而通过一个对象激活相关的对象
• 使用 SmoothCam 来消除摄像机抖动,并使用图像防抖动来使颠簸的镜头变的平顺
• 在全新的 Mac Pro 上使用带有自定界面并支持双 GPU 的第三方 FxPlug 插件

轻松实现 3D
• 通过将相机添加到任意 2D 项目,从而实现 2D 到 3D 空间之间的转场
• 设置逼真的阴影来动态显示摄像机和光源的运动
• 将任意形状、视频屏幕或笔画转换成反射平面
• 通过定义焦点的范围来突出或取消突出各种对象
• 使用“摄像机框起”行为来跟踪对象或对象群组

• 将项目导出到 Apple 设备和流行的网站(如 Vimeo 和 YouTube)
• 选取输出 ProRes 4444 格式,从而以较小的文件大小获得未压缩的质量

系统要求: OS X v10.9 或更高版本、4GB 内存(建议 8GB 以用于 4K 效果)、支持 OpenCL 的图形卡或者 Intel HD Graphics 3000 或新款产品、256MB 显存(建议 1GB 以用于 4K 效果)、支持 1280x768 或更高分辨率的显示器、2.75 GB 磁盘空间。


Motion v5.1 Multilingual Mac OS X | 1.41 GB

Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish

Motion v5.1 Multilingual Mac OS X
Designed for video editors, Motion 5 lets you customize Final Cut Pro titles, transitions, and effects. Or create your own dazzling animations in 2D or 3D space, with real-time feedback as you work.

Breakthrough Speed and Quality

  • Dual-GPU optimizations for superior real-time playback performance and faster rendering on the new Mac Pro
  • 64-bit architecture supports deeper, multilayered effects for use in Final Cut Pro
  • ColorSync-managed color pipeline produces accurate, consistent color across applications 
  • Shared Render Engine provides consistent quality with Final Cut Pro and Compressor
  • Rendering uses floating-point, linear-light color space for exceptionally realistic results

Editor-Friendly Design Tools

  • Work fast using a single-window interface with a familiar look and feel
  • Customize Final Cut Pro titles, effects, and transitions by opening them in Motion
  • Create Smart Motion Templates with simple controls for making changes as you edit 
  • Build stunning 2D and 3D compositions with more than 1900 Apple-designed elements
  • Make adjustments to any parameter during playback and instantly see results

Motion v5.1 Multilingual Mac OS X
Easy Animated Text and Titles

  • Design dramatic text effects with complete control over position, opacity, rotation, and more
  • Animate text instantly by choosing from more than 200 text behaviors such as Type On
  • Build a credit roll by importing a text file; the Scroll behavior optimizes the speed for you 
  • Move, scale, or rotate a single character with the Adjust Glyph tool
  • Ripple text one character, word, or line at a time with the Sequence Text behavior

Stunning Effects

  • Choose from more than 230 behaviors for natural-looking motion without programming
  • Enhance your 2D or 3D animations with more than 130 filters using the FxPlug standard 
  • Track a moving object in a video clip with the point tracking and match move feature
  • Create an accurate chroma key in a single step with the new Keying filter 
  • Apply the Linking behavior to make parameters for one object animate related objects
  • Use SmoothCam to eliminate camera jitters, and image stabilization to smooth bumpy shots
  • Use third-party FxPlug plug-ins with custom interfaces and dual-GPU support on the new Mac Pro

Effortless 3D

  • Transition from 2D to 3D space by adding a camera or cameras to any 2D project
  • Set up realistic shadows that animate dynamically with the movement of cameras and lights
  • Turn any shape, video plane, or paint stroke into a reflective surface 
  • Highlight or de-emphasize various objects by defining a range of focus
  • Track objects or groups of objects with the Camera Framing behavior

Quick, High-Quality Output

  • Export projects to Apple devices and popular websites such as Vimeo and YouTube
  • Choose to output the ProRes 4444 format for uncompressed quality at small file sizes

What's New in Version 5.1

  • Optimized playback and rendering using dual GPUs in the new Mac Pro
  • FxPlug 3 with custom plug-in interfaces and dual-GPU support
  • Faster project loading, especially for complex projects
  • Share directly to YouTube at 4K resolution
  • Spanish language localization

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Motion.v5.1.MacOSX.part1.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/51490081
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Motion.v5.1.MacOSX.part3.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/51495032
Motion.v5.1.MacOSX.part4.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/51483254
Motion.v5.1.MacOSX.part5.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/51484853

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