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Capture One Pro 9.0.0 build Multilangual Mac OS X

Capture One Pro 是专业的原始文件转换器和图像编辑软件。它将所有必备工具和高端性能融于一体、使您在一套快捷、灵活且有效的工作流程中捕获、整理、编辑、分享以及打印图像。Capture One Pro 强大且直观的工具组合为专业摄影师所使用、以卓越色彩和细节实现世界一流的图质。

Capture One PRO拥有无限制批量冲洗功能,多张对比输出功能,色彩曲线编辑,数码信息支持,附加 对数码相机RAW文件支持以及其它的功能。软件可以提供最好的转换质量,工作流程获得了世界的好评,因此Capture One PRO毫无疑问是RAW转换软件的标准。

提高拍摄图像的品质 ——使用Capture One可以显著改善RAW文件的图像质量 。
摄影师参与设计的专门提供摄影师使用的软件——飞思设计Capture One软件时邀请摄影师一起参与, 整个软件的工作方式符合摄影的习惯。
节省你花在电脑前的时间——Capture One软件处理RAW程序时智能化程度很高,节省了摄影师很多时间,可以使你把更多的时间花在拍摄上。
实时预览修改效果——当对图像进行修改后,Capture One可以实时预览调整效果,该效果与最终结果一致。
处理raw文件的利器,色彩细节方面强于PS ,而且支持相同处理方案批量raw文件转换功能和佳能处理软件Canon File Viewer Utility 、尼康处理软件Nikon Capture。


  • 飞思专利的RAW转化运算技术,大大提升图像品质
  • 先进噪音抑制功能
  • 抑制色阶分离功能
  • RGB曲线多通道同时调整
  • 双窗口预览模式可以用来比较选择相似的图像
  • 可以把图像直接转化为黑白图像
  • 灵活的白平衡调整,可以校正相机前期测取得不正确得白平衡
  • 色温调整,后期任意调整色温
  • 调色版调整图像色彩
  • 饱和度调整
  • 对比度调整
  • 16Bit色彩深度输出
  • 飞思特别的锐化运算法则
  • 色阶和曲线的调整
  • 曝光补偿(+/-2.5EV)
  • 曝光过渡或者欠曝区域警告
  • 曝光过渡在色阶柱状图中警告
  • 可以对裁切比例进行定制
  • 自动对曝光进行调整
  • 旋转图像(正负90度)
  • 元数据信息
  • 放大预览工具
  • 图像自动适配到窗口大小工具
  • 4通道色阶柱状图显示
  • 聚焦预览视窗支持100%放大
  • 自动的软件在线式升级
  • 色彩噪音抑制

Capture One Pro 9.x Multilangual | MacOSX | 326 MB

Capture One Pro 9 - The Professional Choice In Imaging Software. Capture One is a comprehensive and user-oriented Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to capture, organize, adjust and display your photos.

Professional photo editing app
What is more, Capture One comes with a powerful RAW image converter capable to render precise colors and display even the smallest details. Consequently, you can deliver high quality images with great color and fine detail from various DSRL’s RAW files. The raw processing engine is accompanied by tailor-made camera profiles designed to bring out the best in your camera. You can even take pictures at higher ISO values and reduce the noise in post production.

Photo cataloger
Capture One enables you to manage and organize your pictures using custom catalogs, with advanced asset management and intuitive virtual organization. You can open multiple catalogs at the same time and share them with your clients. Thanks to the instant tether capture feature, you can take pictures directly from within Capture One. The Live View allows you to quickly apply styles, compose your image and change the shooting settings.

Customizable user interface
What is more, Capture One helps you personalize your workspace and improve your workflow by using different workspaces according to the tasks you need to complete. You can use the Library tools to gain access to images stored in your Albums, Smart Albums and Favorites.

Additionally, you can manually sort images according to the desired criteria, create smart albums and catalog your work. You can use the search and filtering tools to further refine your search and find the desired images.

File naming and metadata editing
By using the Metadata tools you can read, updated and edit the information and even narrow your image search using metadata criteria. The built-in renaming tools helps you create custom, token-based naming systems. You just have to define your own text and tokens naming pattern and apply it to multiple photos.

On top of the above mentioned tools and features, Capture One helps you adjust and enhance your images, change their exposure and clarity. When you are happy with your changes you can create slideshows, web galleries or output your pictures in professional-looking print layouts.

- Revised contrast engine – Changes have been made to the algorithms of color, saturation and contrast. And the color editor has been revised to align design with the color balance tool. Handles are made easier to use and adjust, and the tool is now scalable when undocked.
- Masks from color editor – The color editor now allows the user to make a mask from a color edit.
- New Brush pack – Tool changes include the addition of flow, airbrush, straight line brushing, and the ability to link brushes.
- Luma curves and local curves – Added to the curve tool palette, Luma curves can be used to create contrast curves without affecting saturation. Also, curves can be used locally.
- Battery status for toolbar – This new tool can be placed on the tool bar where it gives a power supply overview to the attached tethered camera, warning photographers of low power during a shoot.
- Export EIP for catalogs – Catalog users can now benefit from EIP export for easy transportation of RAW and Settings, off system. In the Export originals panel, there is now an option to Export as EIP. Sessions users can also choose to Export originals. This creates a workflow in which the original RAW and adjustments are not packed – instead a copy is made, packed as EIP.
- DNG colors – This new feature allows Capture One Pro to treat and display supported camera files that have been converted to DNG (and include the RAW file in the DNG package), as if in their original format.

- Keywords Tool – Keywords may be added and removed from images. The standard Capture One tool tips for local reset, local copy apply, pre-sets and help are available for this tool.
- Keyword Libraries – Used to manage the list (or lists) of keywords in a catalog or a session. As the Keywords tool adds keywords to images, the document Keyword Library is populated. This forms a keyword list for any and all terms in the current document and is unique for the session or the catalog.
- Sortable Keywords – Unique to Capture One Pro 9, users are able to reorder keywords in the Keywords tool for single image selections.

System: Mac OS X 10.10.5 and higher
Language: Multilangual
Home Page - https://www.phaseone.com

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