Serif PagePlus X7 用于创建海报,简报,传单等发布的应用程序

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  简单的桌面排版系统,是用于创建海报,简报,传单等发布的应用程序:当您创建的出版物不可避免地不仅仅是基于布局和打印的页面。你所写的文字,图形设计,将整合于PDF格式,或作为增强图像,输入内容等等,然后在打印共享工作,电子邮件。 PagePlus X4使所有这一切变为容易,这是一个出版计划,旨在将采用更为灵活的方法。 PagePlus 提供了更多的图形处理能力,更大的兼容性,更智能的排版布局功能,以提高生产力。这是前所未有的轻松实现最高质量的印刷和电子出版物,使用的设计方案是比以往更合理!

PagePlus 有亲合的使用者介面,从渐层填满工具丶透明工具丶缩放工具丶文字框页等等,都很容易使用。而高阶的排版功能可以容纳大量的文字,位置与格式的精准度可达 0.01mm,迅速的自动调整功能,让文字迅速排列到适合的空间。

进阶的列印功能也很强大,提供精准的列印预览,还有专业的输出设定,像是完整的出血设定丶弹性的色彩套印等等,让成品能完整的输出。PagePlus 除了可以编排传统的文件外,还可以制作网页,使用者不需学习新的软体与 HTML 语法,只要用传统的桌上排版方式就可以做出专业水准的网页,这对於许多人来说是一大福音。

Serif PagePlus 的许多新功能特别加入。这些难以置信的新的增强便得桌面出版更直觉式,多产化和更趣味。同时,PagePlus 图解丰富性更上一层。没有比它更容易的制作极好的,高效果有档案,PagePlus 和你的电脑结合存在能真正无限创造的可能性。

Serif PagePlus X7  | 1.72 Gb

PagePlus X7 is here to help your business, charity or personal venture stand out from the crowd. Create posters, flyers, business cards, save and edit PDF files, and much more. PagePlus X7 is the most versatile and easy-to-use desktop publisher ever!

Serif PagePlus X7 ISO

Create eye-catching documents
You don’t need to be an experienced designer to put together professional and eye-catching promotional materials. Versatile templates and pre-designed assets such as graphics, frames and backgrounds, help you create virtually any type of document you wish.

An integrated word processor, logo designer and photo editing lab make it easy to create attractive documents, while intelligent alignment tools give you neat layouts effortlessly, with no technical experience required. Whatever your organisation, stand out and shine with PagePlus X7.

Get started with stunning templates
Bring your business to life with beautifully designed templates and graphics that are fully customisable. Choose from a range of bold, stylish and colourful templates that are royalty-free and perfect for your small business, church group, non-profit organisation or even for personal use.

Create a consistent look with themed stationery sets that include matching business cards, letterheads, brochures and much more. There are over 2000 royalty-free graphics, images and backgrounds to apply to your designs however you wish, and preset templates for invitations, menus, stationery, CVs and more. There’s so much you can achieve in PagePlus X7 and it’s so easy to get started!

Simple drag and drop designing
Professional-looking designs, graphics and documents are just a drag, drop or click away. There’s no need for complicated design techniques when you’re putting together eye-catching posters, flyers and logos. Drag a design onto your page and customise, adjusting size, colours, outlines, add labels and much more.

Popular fonts and styles are available with one click and a built-in Asset Browser allows you to quickly search for any artwork that you need. PagePlus X7 works the way you want, with easy access to the tools you need in a clean and customisable interface.

Save PDFs and edit them too
Share documents and designs with anyone in print and online with flexible PDF export. Save as a smaller file size for the web or at the highest quality for the best print results. You can even fully edit PDFs just like you would any other document which is a unique feature for a desktop publisher.

Reorder pages, edit and replace images and even merge PDFs – all in PagePlus X7! You can also tweak or rewrite text and customise graphics with different colours, there’s nothing you can’t do!

Import all your existing content
PagePlus X7 supports multiple file types so you can easily import existing content such as images, documents and designs. Import and edit multiple office files including Microsoft® Word® and OpenOffice™ Writer with all your content and imagery intact. Put together plans, graphs and charts for your business by lifting information from spreadsheets and databases and import multiple image files including JPG, PNG and TIFF. There’s no need for professional expertise, the easy to use tools and guides in PagePlus X7 will help you every step of the way.

Why not create interactive PDF brochures and magazines to share with your customers? Insert multiple media files including JavaScript and even videos that your customers can stream, it’s all possible in PagePlus X7.

Amazing power and efficiency
PagePlus X7 is the most powerful and efficient desktop publisher yet. Accelerated Graphics Technology and support for 64-bit operating systems means PagePlus X7 is faster than ever, especially important when designing large or complex documents.

Improved colour management supports CMYK documents and Pantone® colour palettes and gives you access to thousands of colours. You can use professional blend modes to control how colours interact together and add more precise detail to your designs with up to 5000% zoom and 1/72000th inch precision. When your documents are finished, output them as a PDF/X-3 file, perfect for print shops and publishers.

Help every step of the way
Handy guides, tutorials and pop up tips are here to help you make the most of your promotional materials. Helpful video guides walk you through everything from basic to advanced-level techniques and popup hints appear as you work with relevant information when you need it.

With drag and drop designing, preset templates and smart layout tools to help you, anyone can achieve amazing results, not just designers.

And remember as a PagePlus X7 customer you’ll have access to a world of support online with CommunityPlus and over the phone with one of our experts.

The most versatile design package ever!
Quality flyers, menus, posters and banners for your business or club.
Stationery sets that include letter heads, business cards and more.
Stylish and interactive PDFs.
Handouts, programmes and booklets that include charts and technical diagrams.
Personal correspondence including CVs, letters, greeting cards and labels.
Books and eBooks for all stores and readers.

Home Page - http://www.serif.com/pageplus/

Serif PagePlus X7

Serif PagePlus X7 v17.0.2.26

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