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iZotope 和格莱美提名作曲家兼技术专家 BT 强强联合为你带来了 BreakTweaker,一款鼓雕琢和节拍音序环境,它“模糊了节奏和旋律之间的界限”。

iZotope 的产品经理 Jack Cote 表示:“我们是一家热爱创新产品的公司,采用最好的过去锻造未来。我们为能够在 BreakTweaker 上与有前瞻性思维眼光的 BT 合作并能够提供一些难以置信的独特而崭新的东西到鼓机世界而自豪。”

基于三个截然不同的模块,Sequencer(音序器)、Generator(发生器), 以及一个前卫的 MicroEdit Engine(微编辑引擎),BreakTweaker 是一个创造性的节奏乐器,它可以与任意 DAW(数字音频工作站)以及 MIDI 控制器一起使用。完美适合想要创建真实原创和动态节奏的人士,它是一个新的节奏创作平台。


得到超过 2GB 的专业、免版税内容:在今天顶级音乐家兼 DJ 们包括 BT 设计的预设、鼓采样以及波表中探索。
掌控你的节拍:使用任意 MIDI 控制器轻松触发和复合音序 Pattern(样本)。

紧随它加入发布的 Remix 插件 Stutter Edit 之后,BT 和 iZotope 现在又再次带来了 BreakTweaker。具有 BT 的新奇的基于前卫节奏音色设计研究的微编辑技术,BreakTweaker 旨在改变我们关于节奏和音高的思维方式。

“我一直好奇于人类对节奏的感知,尤其是耳朵感知节奏与音高的进入点,”BT 解释说,“BreakTweaker 的灵感入口源于探索和开拓的概念,我曾想象能有一个工具让我可以最终实现节奏的可能性,并且拥有以前未曾听到的声音。”


Windows:XP SP3 或更高,x64,7,8
Mac:OS X 10.6.8 或更高(仅支持基于 Intel 的 Mac)


AAX(Pro Tools 11)
RTAS/AudioSuite(Pro Tools 7.4-10)
Audio Unit


 iZotope BreakTweaker 1.01 | 479 MB

BreakTweaker is the beat machine of the future. Powered by three distinct modules, the Sequencer, the Generator, and the MicroEdit Engine, it's a wildly creative rhythmic instrument that can be used with any DAW and MIDI controller. For instant gratification, get started with the diverse presets and content in the Factory Library, a showcase of BreakTweaker's breadth and sonic capabilities. When you want to get deeper, forge new sonic weaponry with BreakTweaker's paradise of tweaky controls and settings.

The Sequencer
Assemble pattern-based beats in the Sequencer, which features six tracks for layering your sounds. The Sequencer can store up to 24 different step patterns, launchable via MIDI for on-the-fly remixing. Design beats that evolve over time with BreakTweaker's advanced isorhythmic step sequencing, which makes it possible for each track to have a unique tempo and step length. Ever heard a 7/8 rhythm against a massive 4/4 breakbeat? You can here.

The Generator
Sculpt new drum sounds and textures with the Generator. This powerful drum synthesis module defines the sounds for each Sequencer track. The Generator supports morphing wavetable synthesis, one-shot sample loading, and hand-crafted noise tables, then is polished off with dual-stage distortions and vintage-modeled filters. Four LFOs with unique wavetable shapes, and four Envelopes allow vast modulation possibilities for almost every single Generator parameter. As a bonus, every Sequencer track supports up to three Generators for developing even deeper sonic complexity.

The MicroEdit Engine
Once you've perfected the ultimate set of drum sounds and sequenced your patterns, it's time for a whole new method of sound design. Enter the MicroEdit Engine. A "MicroEdit" is the division of a single step within your pattern into potentially thousands of slices. These slices can then be contoured and shaped to create harmonic, pitched, and rhythmic effects, resulting in new textures that add maximum ear candy to your ever-evolving beats. By pushing the limits of the brain's ability to perceive sound, the MicroEdit Engine blurs the line between rhythm and pitch, inspiring beats you've never heard before.

The Factory Library 
Bringing sounds, patterns, and MicroEdits together into mind-boggling beats, the BreakTweaker Factory Library comes with over 80 global presets that are ready to kickstart your next project. The Factory Library also features over 2 GB of royalty-free sample content designed by electronic production pros. Specializing in a wide variety of percussive sounds, sample categories range from studio essentials like "Kick" and "Snare" to intriguing possibilities like "Glitch" and "Film."


Make beats you've never heard before. Built on a futuristic MicroEdit Engine, BreakTweaker turns everything you know about rhythm on its head. 

Designed by BT and developed by iZotope, BreakTweaker is not just a drum machine: it's a drum sculpting and beat sequencing environment that blurs the line between rhythm and melody. Give your beats an ever-evolving depth that gets better the longer they play. Use rhythmic slicing to drive everything from pitched melodic lines to sweeping rhythmic overtures. Top it all off with the best drum sample library in existence, curated by BT, iZotope, and top producers today. Explore a new era of rhythmic possibilities with this forward-thinking and forward-sounding instrument. 

- Manipulate audio at a molecular level: Reinvent any beat by controlling pitch, rhythm, and texture at the finest resolution on the market.
- Free yourself from traditional drum grids: Create complex polyrhythmic beats with unique isorhythm and playback speed settings.
- Experiment with stunning content: Explore presets, drum samples, and wavetables designed by today's top musicians and DJs, including BT.
- Craft the perfect drum sound: Blend drum samples with robust synthesis features to generate compelling hybrid sounds.
- Take control of your beats: Easily trigger and sequence complex patterns and samples using any MIDI controller.

Supported operating systems:
Windows: 32/64 bit (XP, 7, 8)


Home Page - http://www.izotope.com/products/audio/breaktweaker/

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