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realMyst杰作版是realMYST对于今天的Mac电脑一个美丽的更新版本 - 神秘岛庆祝的20周年纪念!该模型和纹理已经被重建,以提供惊人的图形体验。该环境已得到增强,提供动态的水,天气,照明,树叶,重点,等等。该界面进行 了重新设计,以提供一个愉快的方式来探索为初学者和游戏玩家。

realMyst杰作版 - 这不是你父亲的神秘岛!已经拥有20年的神秘岛成为你的世界,而且也从来没有一个更好的时间来重新审视时代。这家新近更新和重建realMyst的版本是 所有的神秘岛,但令人惊讶的更加真实。您可以探索任何地方,无拘无束,而且在实时!通过神秘岛岛森林选择自己的道路。听蟋蟀的太阳下山的 Channelwood年龄。您可以在落叶中Selenitic年龄。旋转周围的Sirrus “金銮殿完整的全景游。从Stoneship年龄雷雨寻求庇护。

而如果你曾经被淹没的实时3D - 太多的控件或过多的运动 - realMyst有东西给你!你要玩游戏就像当初神秘岛的选项 - 一个简单的点击!在那里你想要去点 - 点击鼠标,你可以通过全球移动无缝到新的位置。作为进贡对神秘岛的20周年,我们还新增了一个神秘岛原图像时,你在这个经典模式播放。按住shift键和 原始神秘岛图像弹出,这样你就可以看到其中的差别和怀念那个神秘岛初体验。

我们增加了很多新的功能,以提高和帮助你在你的旅程。因此,无论您正在访问神秘岛的第一次或者你想记得第一次 - 也从来没有一个更好的理由失去自己,让realMyst的超现实主义的时代成为你的世界。


- 所有原始的中世纪神秘岛加奖金雾凇年龄
- 神秘岛全的游戏和互动
- 动态环境 - 水波纹,雨声,挥舞着树木和草
- 般绽放,模糊,景深等高级图形效果
- 白天和黑夜 - 看日落和日出,或游览,晚上
- 手电筒 - 探索漆黑的夜晚或黑暗的角落
- 令人难忘的神秘岛乐谱和动态3D音效
- 经典的点和点击导航选项 - 就像原来的神秘岛
- 免费漫游接口选项 - 标准的导航控件
- 经典导航邮编模式 - 按住坚持走下去
- 自动质量选项 - 检查你的帧速率和自动调整你的品质
- 互动指南 - 说明如何进行交互的对象
- 调出原始的神秘岛的图像进行比较,并追忆
- 书签功能保存和恢复进展
- 自动保存,以确保您拿起您离开的地方
- realMyst提示指南 - 让过去的把你难倒,一个谜

 Group CORE has released latest version of MacOSX game “RealMyst Masterpiece Edition”. Enjoy!

Description: realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is a beautifully updated version of realMYST for today’s Mac and Windows computers – celebrating the 20th anniversary of Myst! The models and textures have been reconstructed to provide an amazing graphical experience. The environments have been enhanced to provide dynamic water, weather, lighting, foliage, focus, and more. The interface has been redesigned to provide an enjoyable way to explore for both novices and gamers.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition – this is not your father’s Myst! It’s been 20 years since Myst became your world, and there’s never been a better time to revisit the Ages. This newly refreshed and rebuilt version of realMyst is all-things Myst, but amazingly more real. You can explore anywhere, unfettered, and in realtime! Pick your own path through the forest on Myst Island. Listen to the crickets as the sun sets in the Channelwood Age. Relax in the falling leaves in the Selenitic Age. Spin around for a full panoramic tour of Sirrus’ throne room. Seek shelter from the thunderstorm in Stoneship Age.

And If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by realtime 3D – too many controls or too much motion – realMyst has something for you! You have the option to play the game just like the original Myst – with a simple point and click! Point where you want to go – click the mouse and you move through the world seamlessly to the new location. As a tribute to Myst’s 20th anniversary we’ve also added the original Myst images when you play in this Classic mode. Hold down the shift key and the original Myst image pops up, so you can see the difference and fondly remember that early Myst experience.

We’ve added plenty of new features to enhance and assist you on your journey. So whether you’re visiting Myst for the first time or you want to remember the first time – there’s never been a better reason to lose yourself and let the surrealistic Ages of realMyst become your world.


  • All the original Myst Ages plus bonus Rime Age
  • Full Myst gameplay and interaction
  • Dynamic environments – rippling water, falling rain, waving trees & grass
  • Advanced graphic effects like bloom, blur, depth of field, etc.
  • Day and night – watch sunsets and sunrises, or explore at night
  • Flashlight – for exploring dark nights or dark corners
  • Haunting Myst music score and dynamic 3D sounds
  • Classic Point & Click navigation option – just like original Myst
  • Free roam interface option – standard navigation controls
  • Zip Mode in Classic navigation – hold down to keep walking
  • Auto quality option – checks your frame rate and auto-adjust your quality
  • Interactive Guides – illustrates how to interact with objects
  • Bring up original Myst images to compare and reminisce
  • Bookmark feature to save & restore progress
  • Auto-save to insure you pick up where you left off
  • realMyst Hint Guide – get past that one puzzle that’s got you stumped

What’s New in Version 1.1.2:

Thanks for your patience! We’ve packed a lot of cleanup into this update. Hope the journey is a little more enjoyable.

- Optimized a whole bunch!

Publisher: Cyan
Developer: Cyan
Genre: Adventure, Indie

Release Name: RealMyst.Masterpiece.Edition.v1.1.2.MacOSX.Cracked-CORE
Size: 1.45 GB
Links: HomepageNFO 

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