MSC Apex 2014 Black Marlin Release x64

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dfc1108_1全球第一款基于 Computational PartsTM 的 CAE 系统

软件公司宣布,该公司的下一代完整的计算机辅助工程(CAE)平台, Apex Black Marlin版本发布(Black Marlin中文译名黑枪鱼,是MSC Apex软件的一个版本代号, Apex不使用数字代表版本号,而是使用动物的名称。这有点像安卓系统使用小食品作为版本代号一样)。
Black Marlin Release
MSC Apex是基于世界上第一个计算部分CAE系统,该系统将作为一个广泛的物理和应用MSC软件将推出一段时间的平台。

MSC Apex转变工程方式通过降低关键CAE建模和处理时间从几天缩短到几小时进行模拟。该平台提供创新的技术,使预测产品的开发设计,其中它在节省时间和金钱关键的早期阶段。

MSC Apex平台的亮点包括:

MSC Apex是一个内置的实地了完全集成和生成仿真环境


MSC Apex是由CAE具体直接建模和网格引擎,加速了CAD高达50倍的因素网法供电

CAD几何形状不适合分析和几何维修/改善和网格化操作繁琐,容易出错,而且需要很长时间。 MSC Apex拥有一套完整的直接建模工具,使几何清理和理想化的步骤快速简单。这些功能为工程师提供显着提高生产力。

MSC Apex启用集成求解方法,它们允许用户以交互方式验证零件和子子系统模型,得到最多的模型准备10倍提高生产率

传统工艺验证有限元(FE)模型迭代和费时涉及多次提交作业和解释求解神秘的警告/错误信息。 MSC 顶点生成的行为完全利用,以逐步验证演化模型,并删除固有的老预解决岗位范式许多耗时的迭代。

MSC Apex是世界上第一个计算部件基于CAE系统,使:



MSC Apex是零件和装配模型表示为中心的解决方案,使供应链共享一个独特的产品结构,同时自主管理部件,子系统,全装配的实例,以及它们相应的多保真行为表示。这使得在整个产品开发流程的每个人终于有了正确的数据。

MSC Apex提供使它能够对非CAE专家学习软件在一天一个独特的,有趣和易于使用的体验。这种新的用户界面方法允许10倍减少的工具。内置的视频教程,工作流程说明,并在鼠标的指导很容易让工程师能够快速学习和提高生产力的模拟。

MSC Apex互补的Patran和MSC Nastran软件

随着行业标准的.bdf文件的导入和导出强大的支持,MSC Apex使得数据的轻松迁移和平滑的产品集成到现有的工具链,如那些结合的Patran和MSC Nastran软件。

关于MSC 软件

MSC 软件是其中的十大原创软件公司和多学科仿真的全球领导者。作为值得信赖的合作伙伴,MSC 软件帮助企业提高质量,节约时间,并降低设计和制造的产品的测试的相关费用。学术机构,研究人员和学生使用MSC 的技术扩展个人的知识,以及扩大模拟的视野。 MSC 软件采用了1100的专业人士在20个国家。

MSC Black Marlin Release x64 | 2.36G

MSC Software Corporation, announced the Black Marlin Release of the company’s next-generation complete Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) platform, MSC Apex. MSC Apex is the world’s first computational parts based CAE system that will serve as the platform for a broad range of physics and applications that MSC Software will introduce over time.

MSC Apex transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modeling and process time from days to hours. The platform delivers innovative technology that enables predictive product development in the earlier stages of design where it is critical in saving time and money.

Highlights of the MSC Apex Platform Include:

MSC Apex is a built-from-the-ground up fully integrated and generative simulation environment

With a paradigm shift away from traditional pre-solve-post point solutions, users can leverage the same user experience to carry out end-to-end simulation workflows with full associativity between geometric and analysis data, including fully generative behavior to ensure that all aspects of the model are consistent and up-to-date following design changes.

MSC Apex is powered by a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing engine that accelerates the CAD to Mesh process by a factor of up to 50x

CAD geometry is not suitable for analysis and geometry repair/improve and meshing operations are tedious, error prone, and take too long. MSC Apex features a complete set of direct modeling tools to make geometry clean-up and idealization steps fast and easy. These features provide dramatic productivity improvements for engineers.

MSC Apex is enabled with integrated solver methods which allow the user to interactively validate parts and sub-subsystem models, yielding up to 10x productivity gains in model preparation

The traditional process for validating a Finite Element (FE) model is iterative and time consuming involving repeatedly submitting jobs and interpreting solver cryptic warning/error messages. The generative behavior of MSC Apex is fully leveraged to incrementally validate the evolving model and remove the many time consuming iterations inherent in the old pre-solve-post paradigm.

MSC Apex is the world’s first Computational Parts based CAE system, allowing:

Individual users to incrementally run analysis of complex assemblies, enabling rapid trade studies

Groups of users to exchange mathematical models in/through the supply chain without compromising Intellectual Property (IP)

MSC Apex is a Parts & Assemblies Model Representation centric solution allowing supply chains to share a unique product structure while independently managing instances of parts, sub-systems, full assemblies, and their corresponding multi-fidelity behavioral representations. This enables each person in the overall product development workflow to finally have the right data.

MSC Apex offers a unique, fun and easy-to-use experience making it possible for non-CAE experts to learn the software in a single day. This new user interface approach allows for a 10x reduction in tools. Built-in video tutorials, workflow instructions and at-mouse guidance make it easy for engineers to quickly learn and become productive at simulation.

MSC Apex is complementary to Patran and MSC Nastran

With robust support for industry standard .bdf file import and export, MSC Apex makes for easy migration of data and smooths the integration of the product into existing tool chains such as those incorporating Patran and MSC Nastran.

About MSC Software

MSC Software is one of the ten original software companies and the worldwide leader in multidiscipline simulation. As a trusted partner, MSC Software helps companies improve quality, save time, and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. Academic institutions, researchers, and students employ MSC's technology to expand individual knowledge as well as expand the horizon of simulation. MSC Software employs 1,100 professionals in 20 countries.

1. Install
2. Open license.dat with notepad.exe, replace localhost and 000000000000 with your hostname and ethernet address respectively, then save it.
3. Drag license.dat onto keygen.exe to generate license.dat.
4. That's all.

1 modify the license file accordingly

2 drag the modified license file onto the keygen.exe, that's all (no extra new license file created)
3 install msc_licensing_11.9_windows3264.exe, browse to the license file generated in step 2 when asked for...
4 install whatever products from msc, enter <port no>@<host name> (by default 27500@<host name>) in respect text field when asked for...
5 done

if port 27500 is occupied by other flexlm, can be modified to some other ports, such as 27300 etc.
if msc_licensing_11.9 already installed, just replace the old license file with the latest one, reread the license file via lmtools at last.

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