ISD HiCAD and HELiOS v2017 (x64) iSO

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ISD HiCAD and HELiOS v2017 (x64) iSO
,我们对产品数据管理软件解决方案(PDM),使数据的即使是最大的数额一件轻而易举的处理。国家的最先进的PDM功能,确保安全管理和生产使用的企业知识。无论是电子邮件,生产图纸或各种文件 - 在产品开发过程中创建的所有数据和文件集中管理,很容易在任何时间。过程,如访问权限控制,版本控制,文件分发,作业指导书,订单交易等可以与太阳神在一个安全和精确地控制。以这种方式,各部门和位置的通信可以显著提高 - 与在完整的产品开发过程中的积极作用。
•ISO 9000 FF合格
无论是机械工程,设备工程,钣金加工,钢材和金属工程 - 每个行业都有自己的特定要求。随着HiCAD我们可以为您提供一个独特的全功能于一身的解决方案,使产品在2-D,3-D和任何行业快速,高效发展。即使涉及不同行业的跨部门项目可以毫不费力地实现。
由于其混合动力技术,为实现复杂的,跨部门的项目,HiCAD是世界上唯一的CAD系统,该系统不仅提供综合设计的2-D和3-D,也产业和产品的齐全在一个系统中的数据管理功能,从而覆盖工程的所有关键领域:机械工程,设备工程,钣金加工,钢铁工程,玻璃,金属和门面工程交钥匙解决方案。这个庞大的范围成为可能,我国自主研发的软件内核,它提供了基础创新2-D和3-D CAD技术在整个行业的各个领域。随着HiCAD你会因此理想的装备为你的未来计划,不管他们多么复杂。
- 亮点
•2-D和3-D CAD

ISD HiCAD and HELiOS v2017 (x64) iSO | 2.98 Gb

Today, product data and document management (PDM), as well as the safety and traceability of processes play an essential role in enterprises throughout all branches of industry. Products are created in working environments where complex dependencies, huge amounts of data and decisions of many departments have to be taken into account. In addition, the knowledge that is created in the course of the product lifecycle does often not only originate from various departments of your company, such as Engineering, Sales, Production or Marketing, but also from locations outside of your company, which can be distributed all over the world.

HELiOS, our software solution for Product Data Management (PDM), enables an effortless handling of even the largest amounts of data. State-of-the-art PDM functions ensure a safe management and productive use of the corporate knowledge. Whether E-mails, production drawings or various documentation – all data and documents created during the product development process are centrally managed and are readily available at any time. Processes such as access rights control, version control, document distribution, work instructions, order transactions etc. can be controlled with HELiOS in a safe and precise manner. In this way, the communication across departments and locations can be improved significantly – with positive effects on the complete product development process.

HELiOS – The highlights
• State-of-the-art PDM functions for a central management of product data and documents
• Comprehensive security through access rights and version control
• Optimised work processes
• Graphical workflows
• ISO 9000 ff conformity
• Fast and safe communication across departments and locations
• Unlimited flexibility due to modular structure
• Easy integration into existing IT environments
• Multi CAD-capability
• Preconfigured out-of-the-box solutions
• Available with a comprehensive service package if desired

Whether mechanical engineering, plant engineering, sheet metal processing, steel or metal engineering – each industry has its own, specific requirements. With HiCAD we can provide you with a unique all-in-one solution allowing a fast and efficient development of products in 2-D, 3-D and for any industry. Even cross-sectoral projects involving different industries can be realised effortlessly.

Thanks to its Hybrid Technology for the realisation of complex, cross-sectoral projects, HiCAD is the only CAD system in the world that does not only offer combined designing in 2-D and 3-D, but also the complete range of industry and product data management functions within one system, thus covering all crucial fields of engineering: Mechanical engineering, plant engineering, sheet metal processing, turnkey solutions for steel engineering, glass, metal and facade engineering. This enormous range was made possible by our self-developed software kernel, which provides the basis for innovative 2-D and 3-D CAD technologies throughout all fields of industry. With HiCAD you will therefore be ideally equipped for your future projects, no matter how complex they are.

HiCAD – The highlights
• 2-D and 3-D CAD
• All-in-one system for all industries
• Hybrid Technology for cross-sectoral tasks
• Integrated PDM
• State-of-the-art 2-D and 3-D functions
• Fast and easy operation
• Self-developed kernel
• Modular structure


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