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Ashampoo Snap 9 是创建截图和录制视频的理想选择。可以捕获屏幕上的任意内容保存为图片或视频,还可以添加上文本、箭头等附加信息。一图胜千言 - 就是这样!还内置了文本识别用于提取整个页面的文本或是分享处理后的图片给亲朋好友。无论是需要阐述观点、记录内容或是进行演示 - Snap 9 都是您的最佳选择!

Snap 9 让您工作更快捷更灵活


图像和视频比纯文本表达的信息丰富、直观的多,而且更加个性化更加靠谱。Ashampoo Snap 9 帮您创建图像和视频,讲述您想讲述的故事!只需几下点击,创建直观、丰富的图像,省去长长的说明。


Ashampoo Snap 9,无限可能!轻松创建视频教程,或是录制摄像头、Skype 电话甚至流媒体!增强的录制菜单让您可以暂停视频,添加新的特效或是定时器。


Ashampoo Snap 9 非常智能,是您工作的好帮手。其内置的文本识别功能可以提取整个页面的文本,自动编号功能可以让复杂的过程更加容易理解,还有自动停止,在动作完成后自动停止 录制 - 就是这么强大!创建、编辑和发送,一切都能做到。


Snap 9 让您可以实时编辑录制的视频,添加文本、绘制图形。用它创建介绍视频最快捷最方便不过了!现在还可以录制键盘输入。之前您必须手动插入文本和图形说明,现在 Snap 帮您完成了这一切 -创建教程的最佳选择!


想要在习惯的程序里编辑截图或是上传到云端?Ashampoo Snap 9 都能做到。可以自由选择用于处理图片的图片编辑器,如 Ashampoo Photo Commander,自定义保存路径。需要将图片存到网上?只需选择所需程序如 Evernote,然后就完成了。


时不时的我们需要从网上保存图片下来进行编辑或是稍后发送出去。Snap 9 可以捕获这些图片。不需多说,它捕获整个页面功能也一样非常顺手,不需要手动滚动页面自动将多个图片拼合成完整截图。您在使用 Microsoft Edge?Snap 9 也一样支持。只需一下点击就能捕获整个网页,保存为图片。


以前在录制视频时不得不坐在前面看着,在恰好结束时停止录制。Snap 9 可以检测到动作完成 - 然后自动停止。录制的窗口更加灵活。在录制时可以自由拖动窗口到所需位置,将焦点集中在操作上!

Ashampoo Snap 9.x Multilanguage | 62.7 MB

Ashampoo Snap 9 is the ideal screenshot and video recording solution for your PC. Capture anything you see on your screen as images or videos and add additional information, e.g. texts or arrows. A picture is worth a thousand words - if it is done well! Use the integrated text recognition to copy entire pages of text or share your processed images with friends and family. Whether you need to explain, document or simply demonstrate - Snap 9 is always the best choice!

Create screenshots and videos fast and easily
Greatly save time and effort
Record, edit and send instantly
Work faster and more flexibly with Snap 9
Use live editing and avoid post-processing
Use new automatic features
More speed, flexibility and usability

Screenshots are only the beginning
Images and videos convey information in a much more relatable, personal and succinct way than mere texts. Use Ashampoo Snap 9 to create images and videos that tell your story the way you meant it to be told! Save yourself lengthy explanations and create intuitive, meaningful images in a just a few clicks.

Videos tailor-made
With Ashampoo Snap 9, the possibilities are endless! Create video tutorials with ease or simply record your webcam sessions, Skype calls or streams! The enhanced recording menu enables you to pause your videos, add new effects or apply timers.

The benefits of good software
Ashampoo Snap 9 is smart and takes a lot of work off your hands. Whether it's the integrated text recognition that can extract entire pages of text for you, the automatic numbering that can render procedures more comprehensible or the automatic stop feature that will stop a recording when the action is over - it all just makes sense! Create, edit and send, do it all with a single application.

Does more, sees more
Snap 9 allows you to edit your live recordings by adding text and drawings. It's the fastest and most intuitive way to create instructional videos! You can also record your keyboard input. Where you previously had to insert text explanations and graphics Snap can now do the job for you — ideal for tutorials!

Perfect interaction with other applications
Would you like to instantly edit your captures in your favorite application or upload them to the cloud? Ashampoo Snap 9 makes it possible. Freely select the image editor to be used with your images, e.g. Ashampoo Photo Commander, and customize the save path. Need to save your images online? Simply select an application such as Evernote and you're all set.

Full browser support
Often times, you need to save images from the Internet to edit or send them later. Snap 9 can also capture these images. Naturally, all the handy features to capture entire pages without having to scroll manually or stitch together single images are still there. Are you using Microsoft Edge? Snap 9 has got you covered, too. One click is all it takes to capture entire web pages and store them as images.

Smarter and more flexible
Traditionally, while you were recording a video you'd have to sit by and watch to stop recording at the right moment. Snap 9 detects when the action is over - and stops the recording automatically. The recording window is fully flexible. Drag it to where you need it to be even during recordings to keep the focus on the action!

Home Page - http://www.ashampoo.com

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