MD5 File Hasher Pro 1.5.0000.1 Multilangual

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MD5 File Hasher Pro 1.5.0000.1 Multilangual
MD5 File Hasher Pro 1.5.0000.1 Multilangual | 2.5 MB

With MD5 File Hasher any file can be checked for changes, damage or manipulation. The speedy calculation of MD5 check sums of files or directories is efficient and can be completed rapidly. In addition, scheduled tasks allow for automated checks of any file or directory. The customization of filters and rules allows detailed customization based on your unique requirements. Read for yourself what features are included in MD5 File Hasher and how MD5 File Hasher complements your antivirus software.

Drag & Drop
To check one or more files, the files can be selected effortlessly by dragging & dropping them into the program. The calculated MD5 checksums are displayed immediately.

Already calculated MD5 hash values do not need to be copied by hand. The hash value can be copied effortlessly to the clipboard and can then be inserted, e.g. into the body of an email.

Drives, Directories and sub-directories
MD5 hash values for several files, a folder or an entire drive can be created automatically. These can be exported into a text file or saved as a Checkfile.

Create Checkfiles
MD5 File Hasher can create Checkfiles. The Checkfiles are made up of hash values of files of any directory. The Checkfile is generated once and can be used as a reference for future checks.

Validate Checkfiles
MD5 hash values stored in a Checkfile are compared to the latest hash values. After completion of the checks, a report will indicate all files that have been changed. If desired, the report also includes information on deleted and inserted new files. With the changes found, the Checkfile can be updated immediately.

Automatic checks
Any files or directories, including sub-directories can be scheduled and monitored automatically. For example, it is possible to check all system files in the windows directory hourly.

Manage tasks
Scheduled tasks can be created with user-defined rules, filters and exceptions. Checks can be started not only manually but also scheduled to run automatically. The user decided if a screen alert is displayed and what events are included. It is also possible to select an important task as favorite and create a link to the Windows system tray. This allows the user to run the task instantly.

Define filters
The filter function is particularly useful for automatic check sum comparisons. For example, it is possible to create a separate filter for each directory, e.g. include all files in one directory but only .exe files in the other. Hidden files and sub-directories can be included based on your specific requirements.

Define exceptions
Often it is desirable, to exclude certain types from the check, e.g. a file that’s unlikely to be vulnerable or is changed frequently but is included in a directory. This is why MD5 File Hasher offers to define exceptions which allow specific file types or an entire directory to be excluded. Pre-defined exceptions have a higher priority than filter rules.

Create reports
After the completion of the check, any changes to files as well as new and deleted files are included in the report. The report can be saved as a text file. If desired, reports can also be created for scheduled checks.

Speed boost
MD5 File Hasher calculates and verifies hash values uniquely fast. The number or size of files don’t matter. Optionally, the progress bar can be hidden during the calculation which results in an additional speed enhance of up to 50% when checking large amounts of data.

Pro Version
- Update Checkfiles
- Up to 50% faster
- Create reports
- Automated checks
- Run tasks
- Filter functions
- Define exceptions

System requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2008 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows Server 2012 (32-bit or 64-bit), Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Home Page - http://www.digital-tronic.com/md5-file-hasher/

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  1. MD5值高级生成效验软件是一款体积小巧的MD5值生成工具,该软件非常实用,可以帮助毫不费力的校验MD5码,不仅如此还支持Task任务,还有你只要指定好的目录然后可以自动指定后缀的文件生成MD5值,速度快。非常的方便快捷的一款MD5值生成校验工具,需要的朋友们快点下载使用吧。 MD5 File Hashe MD5值高级生成效验软件功能介绍   拖放   要检查一个或多个文件,这些文件可以毫不费力地通过拖放到程序中选定的。计算出的MD5校验立即显示。   剪贴板   已经计算的MD5散列值并不需要手工进行复制。散列值可以毫不费力地被复制到剪贴板,然后可以插入,如到电子邮件的正文中。   驱动器,目录和子目录   可以自动创建几个文件,文件夹或整个驱动器MD5哈希值。这些可以被导出到一个文本文件或保存为Checkfile。   创建Checkfiles   MD5的文件散列器可以创建Checkfiles。该Checkfiles是任意目录的文件的哈希值组成。该Checkfile产生一次,并可以被用作用于未来检查的参考。   验证Checkfiles   存储在Checkfile MD5哈希值进行比较,以最新的散列值。在检查完成后,报告将显示已更改的所有文件。如果需要,该报告还包括删除和插入新的文件的信息。随着发现的变化,Checkfile可以立即更新。   自动检查   任何文件或目录,包括子目录可以安排和自动监控。例如,它可以检查在windows目录下的所有文件系统每小时。   管理任务   预定的任务可与用户定义的规则,过滤器和例外来创建。检查不仅可以手动启动,但还计划自动运行。如果屏幕显示警报,什么事件都包含在用户决定。它也可以选择为我的最爱的一项重要任务,并创建一个链接到Windows的系统托盘中。这允许用户立即运行任务。   定义过滤器   过滤器的功能是自动校验和进行比较时特别有用。例如,可以创建一个单独的过滤器的每个目录,例如包括所有的文件放在同一个目录中,但仅在其他exe文件。隐藏的文件和子目录可以根据您的具体要求包括在内。   定义例外   往往是可取的,以排除某些类型的检查,如:一个文件,该文件是不太可能脆弱或频繁地改变,但包括在一个目录中。这就是为什么MD5的文件散列器提供定义例外允许特定的文件类型或整个目录被排除在外。预先定义的异常有更高的优先级比过滤规则。   创建报告   在完成检查后,任何对文件的更改,以及新的和删除的文件都包含在报告中。该报告可以保存为一个文本文件。如果需要,报告也可以进行定期检查创建。   速度提升   MD5的文件散列器计算和验证哈希值唯一快。文件的数量和大小并不重要。任选地,进度条可以检查大量的数据时,这会导致额外的速度提升高达70%的计算过程中被隐藏。 软件截图
    stxpnet2年前 (2016-05-26)