Bentley promis•e V8i (SELECTSeries 7)

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Bentley promis•e V8i (SELECTSeries 7)


promis•e  是一款专为电气控制系统设计提供的智能软件。使用 promis•e,可以快速生成电路原理图、配电板布局、物料清单、接线表和端子图等。promis•e 可通过自动执行诸多繁杂琐碎的操作(包括 ID 分配、交叉参考、线路编号和列表生成)简化控制系统设计流程。与手动完成上述任务的方式相比,promis•e 的速度更快,错误率更低。 promis•e 适用于多个专业,涉及电气、水力、气压和工艺流程控制图等专业的项目均可采用此款软件。

产品数据表 图库和视频

electrical schematic

promis•e 为您提供控制系统设计和文档制作所需的全部功能。

  • 快速图表设计
  • 包括大型电气符号库
  •  跨多页实时
  • 逻辑错误检查
  • 部件数据库
  • 物料清单
  • 接线表
  • 端子图
  • 多语言菜单、对话框

promis•e 提供了一组强大的绘图功能,包括符号库、宏、剪切及粘贴编辑,以及自动中断线。此外,promis•e 还可以执行多种非增值任务,如 ID 分配、交叉参考、线路编号和清单生成。执行这些繁琐的操作不仅更加快速,并且错误率更低。 正是因为具有这种智能,promis•e 与普通机械 CAD 解决方案有所不同。

通过组织项目中的工作,promis•e 能够无缝集成整个控制系统设计的元素。通过单击交叉参考链接,“导航”功能将带您从一个 ID 的一个事件(例如继电器线圈)浏览到另一个原理图页面的同一 ID 的下一个事件(例如辅助接点)。还可以从一个原理图符号跳到平面布局或布线图中的相同项,或从一个显示的部件号跳到该部件的完整数据库屏幕。由此 您将最大限度地发挥工作效率。

promis•e 是一个适用于多专业设计工具,适合电子、过程控制、液压和气动应用程序。

对于控制系统项目生成操作中这些有待收集的其他自动化信息,promis•e 提供了 API(应用程序编程接口),允许自动编程要运行的软件。

作为一款真正的国际化解决方案,promis•e 完全支持 IEC/DIN 和 ANSI/JIC 页面和符号格式。 对话框和菜单可以设置为英文、中文和德文等多种语言。

为了更好地满足您在功能和预算方面的需求,promis•e 软件将以四种级别提供:普通版、标准版、专业版和企业版


  • 一款基于项目的集成应用程序
  • 快速图表设计
  • 可将交叉参考和线路编号进行自动化
  • 自动生成报告
  • 实时错误检查
  • 涵盖多个领域的功能:涵盖 IEC、ANSI-IEEE、ISA、水力和气压领域
  • 自动生成 PLC I/O 工程图
  • 拥有 100 多万主要供应商的符号和零件
  •  电线尺寸确定工具

Bentley promis•e V8i (SELECTSeries 7) | 1.1 Gb

Bentley Systems Incorporated, the leading company dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure, has released an update to promis-e V8i (SELECTSeries 7) 08.11.12, its intelligent software for electrical control system design.

With promis-e, you can generate electrical schematics, panel layouts, bills of material, wire lists, terminal plans, and more in record time. promis-e streamlines the control system design process by performing many tedious operations automatically, including ID assignment, cross referencing, wire numbering, and list generation. These tasks are completed much faster and with fewer errors compared to manual methods. Support for multiple disciplines allows you to include electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and process control diagrams in your projects.

promis-e provides a set of powerful drawing functions including symbol libraries, macros, cut & paste editing, and automatic line (wire) breaking. But in addition, promis-e automatically performs many non-value-added tasks such as ID assignment, cross referencing, wire numbering, and list generation. These tedious operations are performed not only much faster, but with fewer errors. This intelligence is what sets promis-e apart from ordinary mechanical CAD solutions.

About Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Bentley is the global leader dedicated to providing architects, engineers, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive software solutions for sustaining infrastructure. Bentley Systems applies information mobility to improve asset performance by leveraging information modeling through integrated projects for intelligent infrastructure. Its solutions encompass the MicroStation platform for infrastructure design and modeling, the ProjectWise platform for infrastructure project team collaboration and work sharing, and the AssetWise platform for infrastructure asset operations - all supporting a broad portfolio of interoperable applications and complemented by worldwide professional services. Founded in 1984, Bentley has more than 3,000 colleagues in 50 countries, more than $500 million in annual revenues, and since 2003 has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions.

Name: Bentley promis•e V8i
Version: (SELECTSeries 7) Standalone
Home: www.bentley.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later) / Seven
Size: 1.1 Gb

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