Serif WebPlus X8 v16.0.3.30

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Serif WebPlus 是一款简单易用丶强劲快捷的网页创建软件,它使网页设计变得极其简单,通过其增强的界面,令人难以置信的图形设置和网页设计功能及发布能力,使得任何人都能在2小时内就建立完成自己的具有专业感的网站。

WebPlus 是为小企业,组织和家庭用户设计的软件。 简单拖放式操作,直观界面和强大的工具可以帮助您设计网站,即使你从来没有这样做。你不需要知道HTML或其它任何复杂的编程语言,使用专业设计的模板。有模板定制,以适应每个人创建专业风格的网站.

如果你有一个好主意用于网站就能提升你的商业,俱乐部和组织机构。你或许有一些信息和图像但你厌恶包括WEB设计在内的一些专业技术,你没有时间花在搞清那些令人困惑的代码上,WebPlus 打破技术壁垒,使任何人都能创建专业风貌的网站。如果你要在世界里给人留下印象深刻的结果,没有问题,让WebPlus 来为你设计吧。

Serif WebPlus X8 16.x | 396.7 MB

Everything you need to create your own website. The most powerful web design software we’ve ever made. WebPlus X8 has so many new features to give you more power and control over your websites than ever before. Experience our best ever website designer today, we know you’ll love it!
Stunning websites, stunning images
Images speak more than a thousand words, so we’ve made it even easier to add life to your website in WebPlus X8. Galleries are more flexible, and you now have more controls than ever before. Tell your story through a sequence of images by organising photos by the time they were taken, so that they display in the correct order. Creating a masterpiece takes time, but creating an amazing website, with stunning galleries only takes a few clicks in WebPlus!
- Add extra security to your work with the new Watermarking feature. Imprint your own digital mark onto every image that you display on the web by adding semi-transparent text and logos to photos, with full control over position, size, colour, plus so much more.
- Your customers will experience a whole new way of interacting with photos as the new magnifier allows you to showcase your products and images in greater detail. Through the magnifier, visitors can zoom and pan around to see your images at their highest resolution.
- It’s now even easier for people to share your amazing imagery with the world too. A new rollover Pinterest button can be applied to images so that your art, crafts and photography can be shared in just one click!
Your web forms, your style
It’s so important to interact with your customers, so we’ve made it easier with even more readymade forms to fit your company’s needs. Choose from a variety of pre-made themes, including feedback forms, contact us and sign up forms, which you can then personalise using built-in options, and by using your very own background colours.
In one simple form, you can open your business up to instant feedback, while still maintaining an air of privacy and professionalism that a simple email us link can’t do. You’ll capture more responses with no coding necessary. It's really that easy.
Smart objects that work for you
Whether you are an expert, novice or somewhere in between, you want your web tools to be as intuitive as possible. So, to help with this, the Smart Objects in WebPlus have been re-engineered to suit your needs.
Create and manage a range of powerful and popular web features for free, such as forums, blogs, accommodation booker, and much more, all with just one log-in. Smart Objects can now be stored more easily too, and then re-used for other sites, as well as used multiple times within one site with a variety of settings. You’ll also enjoy a more effective site search that allows visitors to search blogs, regular content and smart objects, to find exactly what they need fast.
Make an impact with the new Slider Studio
Making beautiful websites is so easy with the new Slider Studio. Set slider behaviour, control interactivity, and add, remove and fully design panels all in one place. Every slider can be easily customised to fit your website design, and your needs. The dedicated Slider Studio makes adding that visual impact so easy.
Smoother, sleeker, with more customisation
Create beautiful, interactive websites by adding a whole host of sleek effects. You’ll enjoy having objects fade and animate in and out of view as well as a smooth page scroll when moving up and down your pages for a greater user experience.
The new Embeddable Fonts List lets you select from a range of attractive, web safe, embeddable fonts that still look as intended without being converted to graphics. This ensures that your website will be picked up in search engines much easier and your website text will look exactly as it is intended to be. And with 40 embeddable fonts included, you can rest assured that fonts are now more accessible and will maintain their appearance on any screen.
Fine tune your website graphics with new and improved filter effects such as the cool retro Trail effect, directional feathering, drop shadows and much more.
Live web design assistant
WebPlus becomes your website design companion; it’s there for you every step of the way. With the new interactive, task-based web design assistant, your site design is controlled at all times, and you’re reminded when something just isn’t quite right. Automatically or manually fix errors in real-time and prompt SEO improvements. WebPlus X8 gives you the stepping stones to create a flawless website quickly, and easily.
Organising your website tasks has never been easier too, with the ability to add your own intuitive reminders, letting you take a step back and make sure you’ve got it just right before anything goes live.
And there’s so much more…
There are so many amazing new features in WebPlus X8 to enjoy, and believe it or not, we’re giving you more...! You now have the ability to scan images into your site directly from WebPlus, place text into websites as plain text and have even greater control over the style of your links, giving your users a smoother, sleeker online experience. The list is endless, so get your hands on WebPlus X8 today, you’ll love it just as much as we do.
What's new in Serif WebPlus X8:
- Stunning websites, stunning images
- Your web forms, your style
- Smart objects that work for you
- Make an impact with the new Slider Studio
- Advanced design, powerful HTML5
- Smoother, sleeker, with more customisation
- New site membership controls
- Your site, safe and secure
- Export your Widgets
- Live web design assistantHome: www.serif.com/webplus/

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