2c Audio Plugins and Preset Expansions Pack 08.24.2014

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2c Audio Plugins and Preset Expansions Pack 08.24.2014

2c Audio Plugins and Preset Expansions Pack 08.24.2014 | 143 MB
2CAudio develops industry-leading audio plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats. Our primary focus is on spatial processing, advanced creative effects, and other future-forward ideas. The 2CAudio corporate motto is: Convergent Creative Precision. This pack includes: 2C Audio Aether v1.6.0, 2C Audio Aether Expansion v2.5.0, 2C Audio B2 v1.2.0, 2C Audio B2 Expansion v2.5.0 and 2C Audio Breeze v1.2.0.

2C Audio Aether

Power. Precision. Versatility.
Aether is an award-winning, ultimate quality, self-modulating algorithmic reverb. It is used daily in the worlds largest music, film, television, and game productions and is heard daily by millions of listeners around the world. It remains one of the industy's undisputed champions of traditional reverb design.

Feature Summary
• Effectively two plug-ins in one: ER Engine and LR Engine
• Discrete Early Reflections engine with 33 Space Type Models
• Unrivaled Late Reflections Engine with unique features
• Attack & Sustain Envelope
• Variable Q Damping Decay Curve
• Proprietary Spectral Modulation
• World-class GUI design that communicates critical information effortlessly
• 2x & 4x Oversampling
• Double Precision 64bit DSP
• 64bit Host/OS Support
• Band-limited Interpolation
• Variable Quality Modes
• Extreme Off-line Render Modes
• Intelligent Space Type Macro Controls
• Diverse Frequency Profile Macros
• Comprehensive Preset Browser
• Immediate Parameter Accessibility
• Instant algorithm browsing
• Mid-Side modes
• Cascade Control
• Complex Stereo Modes
• Flexible EQ/Filter Routing
• Huge Parameter Value Ranges
• Comprehensive FX Presets
• Complex & Clustered IRs
• Late Reflections Coloration
• 0-Sample Latency

2C Audio Aether Preset Expansions

Expand Your Horizons.
Facing tight deadlines? Prefer to focus on making music instead of moonlighting as a preset scientist? The presets included in these products were made by top engineers and sound-designers around the world and together offer over 750 new presets to use either as-is, or as starting points for further refinement and customization.

Creative Impetus
2CAudio prides itself on being an innovative company, and deeply values creativity. This leads us to design maxmium flexibility into our products and avoid artificial limits on parameters. Aether therefore, allows more extreme parameter ranges than any other reverb on the market. Does it excel at FX-oriented presets and venture into territory that few other products explore? Absolutely! Is it limited to FX-oriented presets? Hell no! To prove it to you we have initiated the development of Aether Preset Expansions. The initial primary goal of these products is to demonstrate just how versatile Aether is, and prove that is excels in all areas.

The secondary goal, which of course is also an important one, is simply to offer more professionally designed, ready-to-use presets which help beginners and professionals alike get the most out of the product as quickly as possible. The presets included in these products were made by top engineers and sound-designers around the world and together offer users of all levels over 750 new presets to either use as-is, or use as starting points for further refinement to meet the needs of the project. Adding all preset expansions to the existing factory presets will result in over 1,200 presets to choose from, and the Preset Browser has recently been enhanced with a three tier organization system and keyword search to make it even easier to find what you are looking for within this massive library. Combining these presets with Aether's Frequency Profiles feature in Aether results in hundreds of thosands of possible variations without turning a single knob!

These preset expansions represent our top-shelf, reserve-stock efforts and make use of all of the new Aether 1.5 and 1.6 features. Purchase of these expansions is purely optional, but we highly encourage you to consider it since these additional 750 presets definately show off some of the most extraordinary abilities of Aether and really enhance its value. The choice is yours.

2C Audio B2

Full Body. Maximum Attitude.

B2 is a modular dual-engine, non-linear spatial processor featuring built-in harmonic distortion and flexible dynamics. It is our most advanced plug-in to date and is capable of both mind-bending creative effects that defy classification as well as stunningly lush reverbs. Its modular design enables an almost infinite variety of sonic possibilities. It is arguably the most sophisticated processor of its class available on the market today at any price.

Feature Summary
• Two identical and independent engines
• Modular design that gives limitless configurations and minimizes CPU usage
• Pervasive non-linearity and controlled randomness providing unique character and excitement
• Non-linear distortion ranging from subtle saturation to extreme bit-crushing
• Parallel as well as serial and hybrid configurations via Cascade
• Extreme range in density ranging from a single delay to full white noise as well as complex & clustered IRs
• Two dynamics modules providing Gating, Ducking, Auto Gain, and more
• Well-designed and ergonomic GUI which organizes deep complexity into a simple and enjoyable workflow
• Huge number of novel and unique Damping and EQ filter types
• Complex and Extreme Stereo Modes
• Advanced Conservation of Energy scheme that maintains RMS levels when editing presets
• Comprehensive Factory Presets and Preset Browser
• Engine Templates to facilitate preset design
• Ability to load Breeze presets as Engine Presets
• Dynamics sub-preset system that is distinct from engine presets to allow mix-and-match preset creation
• 2x & 4x Oversampling
• Double Precision 64bit DSP
• Band-limited Interpolation
• Proprietary Spectral Modulation
• Variable Quality Modes
• Extreme Off-line Render Modes
• 64bit Host/OS support on Windows and OSX for VST, AU, and AAX
• Optional global saturation and soft-limiting for added character and color

2C Audio B2 Preset Expansions

Limitless Possibilities.

Are you more of a big-picture person when it comes to music production? Do your strengths lie more in the creative aspects of making music? Perhaps you are highly technically adept, but your busy schedule simply does not afford you as much time as you'd like to do custom sound-design completely from scratch? We have invested huge amounts of time into developing this vast and incredibly diverse collection of over 800 presets so that you can get the most out of B2 without first obtaining a PhD in preset-design.

Creative Impetus
Let's face it: very few people have the luxury of limitless amounts of time in today's fast-paced, competitive environment, and as technology continues to evolve and converge, people working within music are asked to fulfill many different roles on a daily basis. After diligently perfecting the composition, polishing the performance to perfection, setting up microphones with the utmost care, tweaking synth lines to face-melting levels of awesomeness, tediously comping vocals, negotiating a peace treaty between the erudite violinist and the passionately profane drummer, artfully placating the executive producer and record label who both have some very interesting opinions about what direction you should go with your creativity, shooting an awarding-winning video within budget, and rehearsing a Grammy acceptance speech, you may not have time to skillfully design reverb and FX presets completely from scratch. Many of these tasks require completely different parts of the brain, and when you are in the flow of composing, performing, or mixing, oftentimes it is not desirable to break that flow to start a new tasks such as preset design. You have more important things to concentrate on. We understand. There is absolutely no shame in that!

B2 is a complex beast. We make no attempt to sugar-coat this fact. The 1.2.0 update offers even more mind-blowing options, and expands the possibilities to ridiculous levels of potential customization. At last count, B2 could be configured in over 65 billion - yes billion - possible ways before moving a single knob or slider! Needless to say, navigating this endless sea of possibility is made much easier by having a large library of professionally designed presets to use as starting points for further exploration.

The B2 preset expansions are designed to help you get the most out of B2 and thoroughly explore all of the new version 1.2.0 features. The presets included in these products were made by top engineers and sound-designers around the world and together offer over 800 new presets to use either as-is, or as starting points for limitless refinement and customization. Purchase of these expansions is purely optional, but we highly encourage you to consider it since these additional presets definitely show off some of the most extraordinary abilities of B2 and really enhance its value. The choice is yours.

2C Audio Breeze

Simple. Light. Pristine.
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Breeze is the eco-conscious member of our prestigious reverb family. It focuses on ease of use, efficiency, and economy. Plug it in. Turn it on. Go. Add as many as you need. It does not get much simpler than this. But don't be fooled; this lightweight packs a serious performance punch and has several exciting tricks up its sleeves that give it its own unique charm and character.

Special Features
Breeze shares some things in common with its older cousin, Aether, but it also has many differences. It brings several exciting new things to the table that have yet to be implemented in Aether including:

• A new advanced true-stereo mode that differs from anything in Aether
• A new bi-polar Density control that provides the ultimate flexibility ranging from absolute sparsity to almost instantaneous maximal density
• A Density/Diffusion mode switch, which effects both Density and speed of Diffusion and functions as an extremely low-CPU-usage mode while still sounding fantastic
• A Contour control to allow users to customize the attack characteristics and timbral variations of the reverb
• A new Conservation of Energy scheme designed to give the same average level regardless of parameter settings -- all knobs can be set to any conceivable setting combinations, and the resulting level is still perfectly matched to the input signal making adjusting Gain settings almost completely obsolete
• An evolved modulation scheme that offers both lush, larger-than-life, chorus-like, random pitch modulation as well as newly-developed more conservative methods, that are more in line with the behavior of real-world acoustic spaces
• A new Time Display that is a great visualization tool showing an intuitive representation of the time behavior of the current settings to aid in preset design

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2C.Audio.B2.Expansion.v2.5.0.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/73144914
2C.Audio.B2.v1.2.0.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/73144917
2C.Audio.Breeze.v1.2.0.rar: http://www.t00y.com/file/73144919

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