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Focusky Presentation Maker Pro 2.x | 184.9 MB
Engaging Offline & Online Presentation Maker for Windows & Mac, PowerPoint Alternative. Focusky is an interesting and intuitive software utility which aims to offer you an alternative way for creating professional-looking presentations, for school or work purposes, with the least amount of effort for you. 

Zoom and Slide Based Presenting
Rather than being stuck in static slide of PowerPoint, your ideas are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way with zoom and span effect, like a animated movie.

Rich Media Presentation
Except text and links, multimedia including images, online YouTube video, Vimeo video, swf and flv video are available in software to express your idea.

Wide-open Electronic Whiteboard
Organize your brilliant ideas in a free scaling digital canvas rather than being limited in a finite editable area. Free to present and make the information visualized.

Offline & Online Presenting
The Focusky allows you to publish the creative presentation in either EXE or HTML format for offline or online displaying.

Path of Discovery
Rather than traditional slide to slide presentation, with more fun the zooming presentation lead the people down a path of discovery in mind mapping style.

Encourage Simpleness
Focusky encourages beauty and simpleness, helping maximize your information with least words and making the audience focus on the most important aspects of presentation.

Amazing tool to magic your presentation into memorable animation show
Introducing the most impressive and most fun way to creatively combine PowerPoint, text, photos, shapes, online YouTube video, video clips and Flash into your very zooming presentation. And to display the multimedia presentation in a more animated and attractive way with zoom and slide effect.

Show on one page and Ahead through a dicovery path
Unlike PowerPoint’s slide-to-slide way, Focusky shows all your ideas on single canvas, which make your presentation more intuitive and easily to overview the content, as well as target the detailed information. And the content is arranged in a logical path, it advances step by step through the path to guide your audience down to the path of discovery.

Rich pre-designed templates and themes
Focusky offers a rich set of beautiful templates and themes with pre-designed frames, which can be used to build different styles of presentations for diverse purposes. No design capacity required, simply insert your content! A engaging animated presentation comes out easily and quickly with Focusky templates and themes.

Import content from existing PowerPoint presentation
If you have a PPT document already and don’t want to input again in Focusky, the feature of importing contents directly from PowerPoint document would be helpful for you. By one key, your PPT contents show in Focusky.

Object animation to make presentation lively
Do you want to make your presentation picturesque like a video? The new animation feature help you realize this. Focusky supports applying object animation for objects on each path step, which makes your presentation lively. There are tens of animation effects available in software, also you can arrange the animation orders easily. 

OS : Windows 8/7/Vista/XP
Language : English

Home Page - http://focusky.com

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  1. 并不支持中文文本输入,很遗憾!
    vfeichang3年前 (2014-12-18)
  2. Focusky表示制造商Pro 1.5.1 | 184.9 MB 迷人的离线和在线演示为Windows和Mac制造商,PowerPoint的选择。 Focusky是一个有趣的和直观的软件实用程序旨在为您提供另一种方式创建具有专业外观的演示,为学校或工作目的,用最少的努力。 变焦和幻灯片展示 而不是停留在静态的PowerPoint幻灯片,你的想法是在一个动态的、引人入胜的方式放大和跨度的效果,像动画电影。 富媒体表示 除了文本和链接、多媒体包括图片、在线YouTube视频,Vimeo视频、主权财富基金和flv视频中可用软件来表达你的想法。 完全开放的电子白板 组织你的想法在一个自由缩放数字画布而不是被限制在一个有限的可编辑区域。 自由呈现,使信息可视化。 离线和在线展示 Focusky允许您发布创意展示EXE或离线或在线显示的HTML格式。 发现之路 而不是传统的滑动幻灯片,更多乐趣缩放表示领导人民在思维导图发现风格的道路。 鼓励简单 Focusky鼓励美和简单,帮助最大化您的信息用最少的话,让观众关注的最重要的方面的演讲。 神奇的魔法你的演示的工具,变成难忘的动画显示 引入最令人印象深刻的和最有趣的方式创造性地结合ppt,文本、照片、形状、在线YouTube视频,视频剪辑和闪现你缩放。 和显示多媒体演示更加生动和有吸引力的方式缩放,滑动效果。 显示在一个页面上,通过dicovery路径 与PowerPoint的slide-to-slide方式不同,Focusky单一画布上显示所有你的想法,使你的演讲更直观和容易概述内容,以及目标的详细信息。 逻辑路径和内容安排,它一步一步的进步通过的路径引导听众发现的道路。 丰富的预先设计的模板和主题 Focusky提供了一组丰富的美丽与预先设计模板和主题框架,可用于构建不同风格的演讲为不同的目的。 不需要设计容量,只需插入你的内容! 一个吸引人的动画演示出来容易和迅速Focusky模板和主题。 导入现有演示文稿的内容 如果你有一个PPT文档已经不想在Focusky再次输入,直接从PowerPoint文档导入内容的特点将有助于你。 通过一个关键,你的PPT Focusky内容显示。 对象动画演示生动 你想让你的演讲风景如画的喜欢视频吗? 新的动画功能帮助你意识到这一点。 Focusky支持对象动画申请对象在每个路径步骤,使你的演讲生动。 有数万动画效果中可用的软件,也可以轻松地安排动画订单。 操作系统: Windows 8/7 / Vista / XP 语言 :英语
    unclex3年前 (2014-12-18)