Next Limit XFlow 2013 Windows X64/Linux X64

Xflow是Next Limit科技公司开发的新一代计算流体动力学(CFD)模拟软件,能为客户提供完整的仿真解决方案。
 无网格方法
 基于粒子动力式解算器
 高级建模能力
 高级分析能力
 自适应踪迹改良
 单独一致的隔离模型
 近似线性的可扩展性能

Next Limit XFlow 2013 | 1.0 Gb

The new XFlow 2013 is now released! It includes many new features, improvements and bug fixes.

XFlow is a next generation CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) software system that uses a proprietary, particle-based, meshless approach with the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM), which can easily handle traditionally complex problems. 

Solving equations without finite elements opens infinite possibilities to the study and optimization of complex physics systems which seemed impossible until now!

XFlow Features:

- compressible Navier-Stokes
- heat transfer with radiation
- transonic and supersonic flows
- flow through porous media
- non-Newtonian flows
- discrete phase model
- complex boundary conditions (porous jump and fan models)
- integration with rigid multibody analysis (RMB)

Strengths of XFlow:

- no meshing required (meshless)
- Lagrangian particle-based kinetic solver
- complex assembly and geometry analysis
- high tolerance to the surface quality
- direct turbulence model (Large Eddy Simulation – LED)
- advanced non-equilibrium wall models
- automatic adaptive wake refinement
- free surfaces and multiphase flow
- dynamic interaction between fluids and moving bodies and deformable parts
- acoustics simulation
- fully parallelized for multi-core CPUs
- easy to use interface
- post-processing with volumetric rendering and high performance raytracing

Full Features List XFlow 2013 : this

Next Limit XFlow 2013

About Next Limit Technologies

Next Limit was founded in 1998 and our corporate headquarters are in Madrid, Spain. We lead an ever growing team of the best professionals in the industry, including remote technical staff spanning Europe and the USA, as well as a client support office in Santa Monica, California.

Next Limit has gained a worldwide reputation for the quality and power of our software simulation tools. Our state-of-the-art simulation packages have been widely acclaimed and awarded. Our products include "RealFlow" (fluid and dynamics simulation for 3D visual effects), "Maxwell Render" (physically accurate light simulation and render engine) and "XFlow" (CFD software for engineering and scientific applications). All our products have been developed using proprietary technology and are available for multiple platforms and can connect seamlessly with most major applications in the DCC and CAD/CAE markets.

Name: Next Limit XFlow
Version: (64bit) 2013 Build 90
Home: www.xflowcfd.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows X64 / Linux X64
Size: 1.0 Gb

Special Thanks Team SolidSQUAD


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