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Apple Compressor 4.1.1 (Mac OS X)

Compressor 是为视频后期制作专业人员和压缩专业人员所设计的,他们需要能高性能地处理最终数字内容,并最大限度地控制这些内容以满足 DVD 创作、流媒体服务器以及无线设备的需要。Compressor 不仅为您提供了调整大小、裁剪、图像处理、编码以及传输的选项,还提供了批处理、VBR 选项和 H.264 编码。您也可以使用 Droplet 和 AppleScript,指定并存储转码设置,使用过滤器,指定目的位置等。Compressor 还提供用于 Apple 设备、DVD、Web、CD 和音乐台的各种输出格式。

Apple Compressor 4.x (Mac OS X) | 287 Mb

Compressor - a wonderful and powerful tool for video compression. Compressor can convert your videos to many formats , it is worth it just to ask , and he will prepare your video for iPod, or recode it in H.264 and allow you to view it on virtually any operating system , or just compress it at YouTube and help put it there .

Another big plus is the ability to direct export a sequence of segments with video filters and effects applied directly from Final Cut Pro to Compressor for subsequent calculation in the correct format , however it is easier to export from Final Cut Pro in a separate file which is processed further in the compressor faster , the reason for that - filters . As for compression Full HD video recording and MPEG2 DVD, - This compressor is not equal.
Additional Information:
In the management of the program is very simple, if there is no need to interfere with the setting , that is, the same settings are suitable for almost everyone and almost perfect. You can also save your presets for encoding options , so you do not make adjustments. Convenient preview window is divided in half, thanks to this you can see what will be the output.

 Customizing export to Final Cut Pro
To specify individual settings for export , send Final Cut Pro project directly to Compressor and choose the codec , size, frame rate and other parameters from a wide variety of options available. Save the settings are modified or created , and they immediately appear in the Compressor settings menu in Final Cut Pro. These settings can be sent to other users Final Cut Pro, and they can use them even if they Compressor is not installed.

Integrated distributed coding
Distributed encoding uses available resources of other cores and other computers for faster execution process. For the purpose computers as encoding nodes no longer need to open an additional application. To get started , install Compressor on your Mac or any other Mac on the network, and then make a knot distributed encoding .

Support for HTTP- broadcast
In Compressor has added support for HTTP- broadcast , and new export options that allow you to quickly and easily encode material for streaming through the network and playback on Apple devices and computers Mac. All the necessary files are placed in the same folder and are ready for download on the website.

Improved library settings
With a few clicks to find the desired presets . Select one of the folders, such as «Apple Devices», «Disc Burning», «HTTP Live Streaming» or the other. Standard labels and descriptions in plain language will allow you to quickly select the desired setting.

Individual settings in Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro gives you access to all settings export , available in Compressor. To change any settings , simply open it in Compressor. After making the necessary changes, save the setting. To use it, open the Settings menu Compressor in Final Cut Pro.

Exchange settings export Final Cut Pro
Changing the existing setting Compressor in Final Cut Pro , or creating an entirely new setting , you can send it to other users . And they will be able to apply it , even if they Compressor application is not installed. Just send them a small configuration file , and they will copy it into the appropriate folder .

intuitive Interface
Feel free to experiment with the encoding parameters . Dynamic preview window displays the results in real time as you prepare footage for encoding . Navigate through the video frame-accurate using time code controls , trim materials and instantly view the results of applying effects and filters to audio and video content .

Templates batch
Templates allow you to combine batch encoding settings used perform actions by automating tasks such as moving, copying , sending files by email or perform a custom script . Create custom batch templates in Compressor will save time on repetitive tasks assembly .

Efficient workflow
Get rid of monotonous operations using a variety of built-in functions Compressor, which will help save you time. Quickly create batch scripts that simplify the coding of a large number of files. Use any of the packages again by dragging them with the history panel . Create self-contained droplet to start coding from the desktop.

Improved library settings
Library presets in Compressor encoding is organized as a convenient folder structure. Labels and descriptions in plain language will easily find exactly the setting you want for your project. Add your own settings in the folder «Custom» or create separate folders for them .

Video encoding for devices and discs
The application now includes a range of Compressor presets that facilitate export of materials in the format of popular devices including H.264 presets for devices Apple. To create a standard Blu-ray Disc or DVD, select one of the available menu templates . * Add chapter markers for discs or podcasts for viewing on iPad, iPhone, iPod , or Apple TV. You can even upload files directly to the network .

Extended format support
Quickly adjust the encoding task for a wide variety of standard formats , including MPEG- 2 , H.264, and QuickTime. Materials or encode format ProRes, which provides excellent image quality with small file size . When encoding files for HTTP- broadcast Compressor puts all files in one folder , which is ready to be loaded into the Web. In addition , Compressor can convert tracks surround format Dolby Digital Professional AC- 3 projects for DVD.

Support for image sequences
Import image sequences Targa, DPX, TIFF, PSD or PNG and encode them using any setting Compressor. In addition, when transcoding a file , you can add an audio track .

Advanced encoding capabilities
Advanced features allow you to add files Compressor closed captions in MPEG files and QuickTime. During encoding of files they can also add metadata, such as keywords, copyright information and annotations.

Convert formats and standards
Any file can be converted from the source format to any other format - for example, from NTSC to PAL, from SD to HD or progressive to interlaced. In addition , the function of the inverse transform converts video format video rate of 29.97 frames / s in 23.98 frames / sec . With its advanced optical flow analysis Compressor provides excellent image quality when converting formats and standards .

Dynamic image filters
Set of convenient image filters allow to modify the encoded material and get rid of unwanted items . Add timecode overlay or animated watermarks, which are ideally suited for the identification of your projects. Or quickly eliminate shortcomings video, applying color correction filters , noise reduction , brightness and contrast - and all without leaving the Compressor.

Management control timing video
Increase or decrease the speed of the video or adjust the frame rate to achieve the desired playback duration . Compressor provides flawless application of effects timing control , and automatically adjusts the pitch of the sound track .

Built-in features Apple Qmaster
The distributed coding of applications Apple Qmaster is now built right into Compressor - to open a separate application is no longer needed. Just install Compressor on any Mac on the network and make a knot distributed encoding .

For encoding tasks can not use some particular equipment, and pre-defined group of Mac computers on the network. QuickCluster function configures clusters of nodes coding Availability of assigned computers . It may even involve some unoccupied computing cores one computer , turning multicore systems in pools for coding.

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