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Movicon(Monitor Vision and Control),由意大利著名自动化软件供应商PROGEA公司开发.Movicon是全新的第三代(Scada/HMI)工业监控软件. 20年来, Movicon 一直是自动化软件技术的参考点,始终坚持简单、开放、可扩充性的标准。Movicon目前的正式版本是Movicon 11.

Movicon软件以简单易用,稳定可靠著称.全面支持Windows平台.通过保持和扩展其伸缩性, 已成为工业自动化、远程控制及各种自动化领域中的标准软件平台, 是唯一的支持所有类型的控制和硬件的Scada/HMI软件. 事实上,Movicon 可以使用在基于WinCE的操作终端和手持设备, 基于Windows2000/XP的标准PC, 且支持冗余的客户机/服务器结构, 基于Javaphone的手机等.

Movicon 还以同一个开发平台来满足不同应用的开发需要, 应用程序可运行在几乎所有的工业平台:基于Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server PC的服务器平台, 基于WinXPE(XP嵌入版)的HMI平台或平板电脑,基于Windows CE 的操作终端或移动设备, 基于Windows, Linux, Palm, JavaPhones的客户站.

1,通过直接和间接的驱动, 可以支持几乎所有的工业设备, PLC, 现场总线和网络.
3,很多革命性的特点是Movicon 成为当今世界上最现代的Scada/HMI 软件平台.
Movicon使用的技术保证客户得到的是革命的产品却没有牺牲产品的结构和性能, 同时保证使用简单,从而大大减少了开发时间.这一切源于:
 完全基于XML的项目结构
 基于事件处理的内核、效率高、速度快
 同一开发平台,支持WINCE/WIN2000/XP
 强大的绘图能力,丰富的图形库和模板技术,支持主要的图形格式如WMF、EMF、BMP、GIF、JPG等
 图形完全基于SVG矢量技术,自动适应不同的屏幕分辨率
 工程向导,大大减少开发时间
 高效、多线程的VBA脚本(非微软产品),支持WINDOWS API,几乎无所不能
 内置WEB SERVER,支持多平台的浏览器(Windows, Linux, Palm, Javaphones)且实现极其容易,几此鼠标点击即可在浏览器上得到全部画面,且双向可操作,无需任何画面转换
 强大的报警功能,支持SMS、语音电话、传真、EMAIL、MSN等报警
 支持FDA CFR21 PART 11
 功能强大的口令管理,可完全限制操作人员对操作系统的访问
 基于ODBC技术的事件和操作记录,可自动将系统事件、用户操作记录存储到ACCESS、SQL SERVER等数据库,数据库自动创建,无需任何代码
 基于ODBC的历史数据库技术,可按时间、事件等将数据记录到ACCESS、MSDE、SQL SERVER等支持ODBC的数据库,数据库自动创建,无需任何代码
 实时数据库可与支持ODBC的数据库实时动态双向交换数据,无需任何代码
 实时数据库可直接定义数据跟踪记录、存取权限、报警、历史记录、网络连接等
 强大的趋势图组件,集实时趋势、历史趋势于一体,且可动态增加实时趋势变量,动态修改趋势图的属性,直接支持打印、缩放等,可动态显示/隐藏每个变量的最大值、最小值、平均值等。 并可将趋势图缓冲区中的数据复制到剪贴板或保存到CSV文件,通过VBA脚本可非常容易的拓展、定制曲线图
 支持水晶报表版本10(CRYSTAL REPORT,最强大的报表工具)
 强大的事件管理
 强大的任务调度,可在任何指定的日期、时间执行多项任务或VBA脚本
 支持系统冗余,且操作完全透明
 支持多语言
 效率极高的通讯驱动程序,支持主要的PLC及通讯方式,且完全免费,可自动从PLC编程软件导入变量定义,大大减少开发时间。
 强大的项目调试工具
 全新的操作界面,类似MS OFFICE 2003,使用简单
 完全免费的开发环境
4,DEMO CD可全功能进行免费项目开发,支持2小时运行。

Movicon v11.4.1151 Multilanguage | 980 MB

Movicon™ 11 represents the state-of-art in Movicon™ Scada/HMI software technology, a platform for industrial supervision and control. Movicon represents over 15 years of technology evolution firmly based on the concepts of simplicity, scalability, power and openness. Progea’s exclusive “XML-inside” technology now performs to perfection in the 11.4 product version, which is fully compatible with the previous version, and renews the supervision concepts based on modularity and openness anticipating automation technology of the future.

By maintaining and expanding its scalability characteristics, Movicon™ 11 is proposed on the market as the software platform standard for all those operating in industrial automation, remote control and building automation, as an unique Scada/HMI software for any type of deployment and hardware. 

Movicon™ 11 also integrates the SoftPLC technology uniting both the Scada/HMI and PLC programming environments together according to the IEC-61131 standard.

Movicon can be deployed both in touch panels and/or mobile devices based on WinCE, whether PC touch screen with Win7/XP Embedded, systems based on PC with Windows 8 or Windows Server, in complex and redundant, client/server architecture, connecting through with any type of PLC and industrial or civil field bus. Each Movicon application, whether in Windows™ 8, Windows™ 7, Windows™ Embedded, Windows™ CE, supports the powerful network technology where each device can become client, server or web server indifferently.

The technologies used in Movicon™ 11 are based on modern and innovative concepts, offering to user a Scada/HMI platform reliable, powerful, easy-to-use, where thousands of system integrators and partners worldwide design their application with success.

Intelligent Editor
Combining power with simplicity is not so easy. This is where Movicon™ steps in, the only Scada/HMI platform put under severe usability and ergonomic tests passing with top grades. Movicon™ has been designed intelligently to fit all user needs to be more productive in less time and effort.

Vectorial Graphics
The more transparent it becomes the more efficient factory management is. Unlike before, users explicitly demand a more realistic presentation of their plant. They want that immediate look, feel and touch experience to promote that extra sensory perception. They want to be there but not be there.

Movicon™ 11 is an all-in-one software platform from Windows™ CE to Windows™ 8 (Win32/64). What is so special about Movicon ™11 is that you only need to have this one platform in your company to use for micro applications in HMI terminals or /and medium to big applications for manufacturing plants.

Tag Database & Connectivity
The supervision systems are meeting points of all process data. The crossroads of non-stop production information flow of business enterprise systems. The communication’s strategic role is deeply rooted in Movicon™, where you will find all the tools you will ever need integrated to make information flow in the most quickest.

Alarms Management
The powerful Movicon™ 11 alarm management guarantees maximum precision in managing events and provides users with a rich source of information consenting continuous and immediate knowledge on how the plant is running, enabling them to improve on reducing production standstills and improve efficiency.

Historical & Analysis
Process Data Recording with object oriented Data Loggers. Powerful and secure automatic DB connection (SQL Server - MySQL - Oracle, other via ODBC Manager) management for archives based on relational DBs. Powerful Data Analysis and Trends objects for every historical analytic need.

Reports Designer Integrated
Movicon™ 11 offers unbeatable report management potentiality. The built-in powerful Report Generator, based on .NET technology, allows users to create powerful visual reports using statistical and graphical functions.Furthermore, a Report Embedded manager allows the reports management even under Windows CE.

The Movicon™ 11 applications guarantee maximum security and reliability. The User and Password management, complete and robust, has been explicitly designed to guarantee that projects are realized with simplicity and integration in conformance to the CFR21 part 11 specifications issued by the American FDA agency (Food & Drug Administration).

Powerful Solutions

Every developer is well aware the more tools they have at their disposal, the much quicker it is to create projects, confidently knowing they have the full potentiality to deliver client satisfaction.Movicon™11 has been designed to do just this by offering a wide range of functionalities, native and integrated in the platform to cover every developer need.

Web Client
Built-in Web Client technology innovation. The Web Client, based on Java technology, is truly web-enabled to guarantee openness and multi-platformness while maintaining performances, security and bidirectionality. Access to data from client stations also based on APPs for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and RIM Blackberry.

Requirements - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Home Page - http://www.progea.com/en-us/products/scadahmimovicon11.aspx

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