Mindjet MindManager 2016 16.0.159

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Mindjet MindManager 10.3.605 Multilingual

Mindjet MindManager 2016 16.x | 249.8 MB
Languages: English, German, French

MindManager is a powerful mind mapping tool that boosts your individual productivity. Whether you're creating a business plan or developing a new website, its robust mind maps have the features you need to plan and complete any project.

With MindManager you can:

Boost your individual productivity. Organize all your ideas in a single view so you can see connections and draw conclusions quickly.
Ensure project success. Get visibility into every aspect of your project plans. Show the big picture and keep the details in context.
Drive business decisions. Visual analytics let you immediately see the impact of changes to budgets, forecasts, and business plans.

What’s New
MindManager for Windows has long been your go-to solution for brainstorming, organizing information, and planning projects. Now it’s even easier to add content, work with large maps, give presentations, and create detailed strategic plans with MindManager 14 for Windows. We’ve also dramatically expanded our capabilities for analyzing quantitative information, so you can plan and calculate detailed budgets, make forecasts, analyze portfolios, and more.

Smarter Budgeting and Forecasting
MindManager for Windows now lets you define and apply formulas to topics throughout your map, so you can instantly see the impact of changes in numerical data. Unlike conventional spreadsheets, you can easily drag and drop content or apply filters to quickly perform visual “what-if” analyses. The new Smart Fill feature allows you to set the color of a topic property based on a numerical value. This makes it easy to see opportunities and issues, like if you have gone over budget, or have more to spend.

The new formulas feature takes calculated topic properties to the next level, with support for complex formulas using multiple functions and operators. Data is easy to edit and present and you can define multiple calculated topic properties on any map topic.

Efficient Project Planning
Build out project plans quickly with simplified task creation. Add task details, edit due dates, and update progress status directly in the map.

Use map and Gantt views to validate priorities, schedules and resources, then manage execution using Microsoft Project, in Microsoft SharePoint (using MindManager Server) or in ProjectDirector.

Easier Map Creation
Drag and drop critical content to your maps from your desktop or any file system (including Mindjet files). Now you can also drag and drop emails, tasks, and contacts directly from Microsoft Outlook to populate project plans and org charts.

Faster Navigation of Content-Rich Maps
The map index feature now lets you find what you need by marker, hyperlink, attachments, notes, and more. Want to quickly see a list of all attachments or review all the formulas that summarize your project’s key indicators? The index provides an easy way to navigate and review all of your important content.

Enhanced Decision Making
Use 2x2 analysis views and Guided Brainstorming to drive business decisions. Brainstorm a series of creative solutions to a complex problem and evaluate the proposed solutions in a “Risk vs. Rewards” matrix to select the key candidates.

New presentation tools, including the ability to pan and zoom content during slide shows, make it easier to tailor information to your audience for strategic reviews.

Works with Your Current Tools
Import from Microsoft Word and Project. Export to Word, Project, PowerPoint, SWF, PDF, image or web pages. MindManager for Windows also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft SharePoint (when used with MindManager Server).

OS : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32-bit/64-bit)
Language : English, German, French

Home Page - http://www.mindjet.com/


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  1. 我已经解决了:微信luoki147
    luoki1473个月前 (01-03)
  2. 大神,英文版转为中文版,是中文版的主程序换成英文版的,那主程序是指哪些呢?
    darleney4个月前 (12-09)
  3. 大神,mindmanager 2017版出来咯~ 期待跟进一下! 😀
    wwwlipeng6个月前 (10-08)
  4. 大神,这个怎么安装啊,我都是失败的,不行啊,求告之具体的方法啊
    doomangel6个月前 (10-01)
  5. 已经按照大神的教程安装了英文版,但是还是不懂如何转成中文版,英文小学水平,实在操做不来,可怜我这个产品狗,教教我把,大神 ➡
    xietao7个月前 (08-22)
    • 百度足足翻了4页才终于遇见你!
      zhqchang7个月前 (08-23)
  6. 从毛子网站上下的,亲测可用,给需要的朋友: 链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qYrI7RA 密码:bjyr
    walkqisky10个月前 (05-26)
    • 确实可用,谢谢这位兄弟!
      agoakumon10个月前 (06-06)
    • 补充一下,要用英文版的WM2016试用版才可以输入序列号,用中文官网下的版本无法输入序列号的。
      agoakumon10个月前 (06-06)
      • 谢谢指点,先装的中文使用版,然后装的英文试用版,成功输入序列号,可是破解之后是英文版,如何转换成中文版本呢
        snailprincess7个月前 (09-02)
        • 我也遇到这种情况,你解决了么?
          darleney4个月前 (12-09)
    • 感谢啊大神!!!百度足足翻了4页才终于遇见你!
      pollypande10个月前 (06-14)
    • 大神,你好,你提供那个DLL文件英文版的是什么呢?应该替换的是哪个文件啊?
      et19918个月前 (07-22)
      • 安装原版,然后覆盖补丁。
        walkqisky8个月前 (07-25)
        • 大神,你好,有一个是.cmd的文件,一个是序列号。这个.cmd的用来干嘛?这个文件名也是毛子的。
          mayflower8个月前 (07-25)
          • cmd是host patch,管理员身份运行,key在txt里面。
            walkqisky8个月前 (07-26)
            • 谢谢大神!
              mayflower8个月前 (07-28)
    • 链接:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qYL8fVI 密码:ekps
      walkqisky8个月前 (07-29)
      • 大神,我来晚了。mindjet_mindmanager_2016 破解补丁能否再发一遍? 我的邮箱 [email protected] , 感谢大神!!!
        redreach8个月前 (07-31)
      • 你好大神,请问能具体讲讲该怎么做吗?cmd文件应该放在哪里?我直接打开mindjet弹出错误“activation code has empired",无法输入序列号。跪求应该怎么做
        cuicreate8个月前 (08-03)
        • cmd拷贝到安装目录,右键以管理员身份运行,启动程序,使用txt中的key注册。
          walkqisky8个月前 (08-04)
      • 云盘里的文件下载下来是乱码,是本来就是这样的吗?能提供一份不是乱码的吗?谢谢
        binger82968个月前 (08-03)
        • 西里尔文cp866编码,不是乱码。
          walkqisky8个月前 (08-04)
          • 噢,原谅我的无知,我运行后没有完成破解 /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~
            binger82968个月前 (08-04)
      • 大神,你好!我看了你的方法,但是我遇到了问题,能否加你好友,然后详细地向你了解下,盼复!
        hades7个月前 (08-17)
    • 我从官网上下了英文版的试用30天的,可是按照你所说的把cmd文件考进安装目录下运行后并没有要输入序列号,请问大神为何。而且感觉像乱码,看评论说是不是。
      hades7个月前 (08-17)
      • 。。。先装中文官方版,然后用英文版同版本的主程序覆盖,然后输入英文版的KEY,搞定,从来没想到这么简单
        mr_sss7个月前 (08-22)
        • 英文版本的Mindjet MindManager 2016 16.0.159好难下,可以分享下这个英文版的下载地址吗
          snailprincess7个月前 (09-02)
        • 谢谢我后来自己找到了,可是破解之后是英文版,怎么变成中文版啊
          snailprincess7个月前 (09-02)
        • 安装官方的中文版后 再替换英文版主程序 程序会打不开报0X00007b的错误 我安装的版本我查看一下 中文网站的版本是16.0.152的 所以我下载的英文版也是这个版本 但是替换后 程序就报错了 我也不懂 算了去安装试用版再看看吧
          ZSXZXM7个月前 (09-06)
  7. 这个不是试用版?
    tomol1年前 (2016-02-01)
  8. 链接还是坏的啊
    大鱼小鱼1年前 (2016-01-11)
  9. 两个链接都失效了
    zhouson1年前 (2016-01-09)
  10. 两个链接都失效了,下下来的没有破解文件
    大鱼小鱼1年前 (2016-01-09)
  11. 有没有mac版本的哈
    hahahoo1年前 (2015-10-21)
  12. 不好意思,链接完蛋了,能补一个么?
    itany1年前 (2015-10-20)
    • 不算大,请下城通的吧
      Godown1年前 (2015-10-20)
      • 谢谢回复~ 已经从城通下到了~
        itany1年前 (2015-10-20)
  13. 有中文版的吗?
    clausewitz1年前 (2015-10-16)
  14. 太棒了!跟进得很快!
    wwwlipeng1年前 (2015-10-16)