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Guitar Pro是一款倍受吉他手喜爱的吉他和弦、六线谱、BASS四线谱绘制、打印、查看、试听软件,它也是一款优秀的MIDI音序器,MIDI制作辅助工具,可以输出标准格式的MIDI。GP的过人之处就在于它可以直接用鼠标和键盘按标准的六线谱、四线谱进行乐谱输入、查看、打印和试听(可以实时、自动滚屏、多种模式的显示单声部或乐曲总谱),在做弹拨乐器的滑音、倚音、推弦、揉弦、泛音、摇把、闷音、琶音、分解和弦、BASS打弦等方面有绝对的优势。

Guitar Pro在吉他和弦、把位的显示、推算、查询、调用等方面,也异常方便、简洁、直观和浩瀚,这是同类软件所根本无法与之相抗衡的一大显著特点。软件提供对包括简、繁体中文在内的25种不同的语言的支持。新版本增加了一些打印时针对个人用户的设置;对吉他面板(操作区)播放时的状态做了一些较大的改进,可以选择播放时显示当前音符,下一个音符,当前和弦图表,当前小节的音符;增加了对4弦乐器、5弦乐器、7弦乐器的和弦图表支持和鼓谱符号的输入;歌词输入的改进提供了更多的方便等等。
Guitar Pro是初学作曲,特别是同时又初学吉他的朋友们的最佳之选,是一款极佳的初级软件,是非实时作曲软件之中的一件佳作。

GUITAR PRO由AROBAS(www.guitar-pro.com)公司开发,与以前的版本相比,加入了很多的新功能,完全可以称做一个十分成熟的吉他音乐制作软件!GUITAR PRO (以下简称GP)的最大优势还在于方便的6线谱显示,这不仅给观察带来了方便而且可以打印输出高质量的吉他乐谱;GP还支持外部MIDI信号输入,如果你有一把MIDI吉他的话就可以大展拳脚了,现在再也不用受CAKEWALK的束缚了!同时播放设置中也支持MIDI音源选择,克服了以前版本中只能使用系统默认MIDI音源的毛病,可以快速地更换各种音源进行回放,十分方便!另外,GP还支持多音轨模式,我们除了可以用它制作吉他音轨之外还可以制作贝斯音轨和打击乐音轨,所以说GP3完全是一个以吉它为中心的音乐制作系统,完全能够胜任你的各种MIDI音乐制作要求!下面就让我们一起进入GP的吉他世界吧!

Guitar Pro 6.1.9 r11686 Multilangual | MacOSX | 71.6 MB

Guitar Pro is a complex software designed to edit tablatures for bass, guitar, and other fretted instruments from 4 to 8 strings. Guitar Pro's great ease of use and the success of its specific file format have made it a software used by guitarists worldwide.

Guitar Pro now includes editing support for many other instruments like the piano or the drums, a realistic audio engine, and interactive tools to support every musician's practice. Guitar Pro provides you with all the tools you need to create and edit scores, right at hand. Quickly and easily capture the notes with the keyboard and its many shortcuts, with the mouse, or yet again with a MIDI instrument.

- Tablature editor for fretted instruments, from 4 to 8 strings
- Natively Windows / Mac / Linux compatible.
- Additional support for percussion and piano tracks
- Editing, display, and printing in tablature, standard notation, and rhythmic “slash” notation
- Multitrack scores

- 6 retractable panels, or "Universes": Edition, Instrument, RSE, Mastering, Chords, Lyrics.
- Multiple Document Interface
- Full-screen mode
- Complete stylesheet, to let you customize your scores (symbols, fonts, proportions, etc.)
- Possibility to switch from jazz to classical style in one click
- Advanced notation for the guitar: tablature for up to 8 strings, accented notes, left-hand tapping, rasgueado, arpeggio, rythmic "slash" notation (above and/or within the tablature), extended barre, partial capo
- Numerous effects (bend, slide, vibrato, grace notes, harmonics, etc.)
- Total support of chord diagrams (librairy + automatic recognition)
- Advanced standard notation: Grand Staff for piano, concert or transposition tone, G-, F-, and C-clefs, opening/closing repeat signs, free-time measures, multirests, fermata
- Fully customizable n-tuplets
- Double signs and ornaments: Simple and double simile bars, double dotting, double flat and double sharp, mordents and turns, two types of grace notes, etc.
- Percussion wizard
- Lyrics support
- Timer
- Note-capturing via a MIDI instrument

- Note duration wizard
- Capturing via multiple selection
- Repeat signs, and multiple coda signs
- Key signature wizard
- Extended copy/past (special paste from track to track, in multiple selection)
- Chord library for faster writing of chord into the score
- Simplified grace-note editing
- Intuitive editing of accidentals
- 1- to 4-voice editing, and multivoice editing
- Clickable score elements (tempo, clef …)
- Advanced automation wizard (temo, volme, panoramic)
- Unlimited Undo/Redo

- Professional-quality printing
- Multitrack printing
- Choice between tablature, standard notation, and “slash” notation
- 100% customizable printing (size, fonts, proportions, area, elements, etc.)
- Print preview

- Score MIDI playback, with guitar effects (bend, etc.)
- Tuning library and possibility to tune each string independently
- Tempo selection
- Several dozens of instrument available with RSE
- Customizable effect chain (amps, stompboxes, racks) for each track
- Global mastering (compressor, reverb, equalization)
- 5-band semi-parametric equalizer for each track
- Choice of playing style (slap, picking, …)
- Humanization of playback (accentuation, autobrush, …)
- Selection of the instrument, volume, pan, chorus and reverb for each track
- 12-stringed guitar simulation
- Triplet feel playback
- Possibility to insert changes events (tempo, volume, instrument, etc.)
- Real-time Mixing with Soundboard

- Multitrack Import and Export with ASCII, MIDI formats, including quantization (0/1 formats)
- Optimized fingering for the MIDI importation
- MusicXML, WAV (audio), PDF, PNG (image) Export

- Transposition of part of a score via multiple selection
- Digital Tuner
- Guitar and bass virtual Fretboards
- Virtual Keyboard
- Scale analysis over multiple selection
- Speed Trainer (to practice part of a score in accelerating loops)
- Automatic bar-length wizard
- Automatic fingering wizard for optimal finger positioning
- Possibility to swap voices, to copy-paste from one voice to another

Guitar Pro 6.1.9 r11686
- Added: Chinese simplified translation
- Fixed: Crashes at startup for Mac computers with no serial number
- Fixed: Character issues while importing Guitar Pro files in Chinese

System requirements: Mac OS X (10.4 and higher)
Home Page - http://www.guitar-pro.com

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