Altium有限公司近日宣布推出专业PCB和电子系统级设计软件Altium Designer 15。将实现高性能PCB的设计与制造更快无缝对接。

Altium首席技术官Jason Hingston表示:“新版软件体现了Altium对客户的研发承诺。我们非常高兴地看到,在过去一年内使用测试版软件的客户提出了很多关于高速PCB设计的清晰反馈和技术建议。PCB产业的发展也表明,制造厂商必须抛弃30年前的旧版设计文件格式,才能实现设计与生产的对接。有了IPC-2581和 Gerber X2的支持, Designer将更好地服务于那些与复杂电路板顶尖制造商合作的设计人员。”

Altium一直致力于开发提升工作效率且减缓设计压力的软件和解决方案,以助力用户应对复杂的电子设计项目,Altium Designer 15的发布恰恰体现了这一承诺。Altium致力于为客户提供他们所想所需的产品,助其实现成功设计。秉承这一系列目标,Altium Designer 15为实现下一代高速PCB设计进行了全新优化,并支持新的制造生产标准,紧跟行业领先趋势。


现代设计要求信号传输速率达到100GB/s。上一代设计软件难以达到这一设计规格。这一过程通常需要人工重新操作,并在设计工具以外进行细致的信号布局,这一布局通常在电子表格程序中进行,因此增添了额外的步骤,也增加了失误的几率。Altium Designer 15新增的管脚对能够:

. 在端接元件上进行精确的长度和相位调整

. 在整条信号通路进行精确的长度、相位和延迟调整


IPC-2581和 Gerber X2 Support格式支持

传统的Gerber作为计算机辅助制造(Computer Aided Manufacturing, CAM)格式,来源于约35年前发布的RS-274D标准版,很多人觉得这种标准Gerber格式已经过时。Ucamco公司最近将RS-274X格式更新为Gerber X2以完善先前版本丢失的重要制造数据,国际印刷电路协会最近也制定了全新的格式标准—IPC-2581。这两个格式标准解决了使用旧版本(如Gerber RS-274X)进入制造流程时所遇到的数据模糊或丢失的问题,能够完整地再现PCB的原本设计,包括:

. 铺铜面

. 电镀或非电镀孔、插槽、走线、凹槽及微盲孔

. PCB设计外形及挖空区域

. 复杂的板层堆栈区域

. 软硬结合电路板区域

. 物料规格

. 制造备注、公差及其他重要标准兼容信息

Altium Designer 15提供IPC-2581和Gerber X2格式支持,使设计人员紧跟设计前沿,同时扩大其PCB制造厂商的选择。

除了新性能的增加和基于客户切实反馈的持续维护工作,Altium Designer 15还能-强化电子工程工作流程,减少设计人员与制造商之间的交流障碍。

Altium Designer 15 | 3.57 Gb

Altium Limited, a global leader in Electronic Design Automation, native 3D PCB design systems (Altium Designer) and embedded software development toolkits (TASKING), announced the release of its professional printed circuit board (PCB) and electronic system level design software, Altium Designer 15.

Altium Designer 15 demonstrates the continuing commitment by Altium to produce software and solutions that increase productivity and reduce user stress during challenging electronics design projects. It reflects Altium’s commitment to supporting customer success by delivering products that customers both want and need. In keeping with these objectives, Altium Designer 15 includes powerful new enhancements for designing the next generation of high-speed printed circuit boards, and keeping up with the leading trends in industry with support for new fabrication output standards.

High Speed Signal Pin Pairs

Modern designs require signal propagation at rates up to 100 gigabits per second. Designing to these specifications in previous generation design software is challenging. This process traditionally required manual rework and careful signal planning outside of the design tool, typically in a spreadsheet program - causing additional steps and introducing lots of room for errors. With Altium Designer 15 a new Pin Pairs feature has been added to:

- Enable accurate length and phase tuning across termination components. 
- Enable length, phase and delay tuning traversing an entire signal path.

Designers will no longer require external software or have to maintain complex lists of signals and nets, but instead will be able to plan and route groups of high speed nets with much greater efficiency and accuracy.

IPC-2581 and Gerber X2 Support

As a Computer Aided Manufacturing format, traditional Gerber has its origins in standard RS-274D published almost 35 years ago; many consider “standard Gerber” to be out of date. Ucamco have recently updated RS-274X to Gerber X2 to incorporate critical fabrication data previously missing, and the International Printed Circuit association has developed an entirely new standard, IPC-2581. Both resolve issues of ambiguous or missing data encountered when using older formats such as Gerber RS-274X to hand off design to fabrication, completely describing a PCB according to its design:

- Copper layer images. 
- Plated and unplated holes, slots, routes, grooves and microvias.
- PCB design outline and cutout regions.
- Complex layer stack regions.
- Rigid and flexible board areas.
- Material specifications.
- Fabrication notes, tolerances, and other critical standards-compliance information.

Altium Designer 15 introduces support for both IPC-2581 and Gerber X2, keeping designers up to date while giving them a choice that broadens their selection of PCB fabrication partners.

Along with additional new features and ongoing maintenance based on solid customer feedback, Altium Designer 15 will enhance electronics engineering workflow and reduce communication bottlenecks between designers and manufacturers.

About Altium Ltd.

Altium Limited is an Australian multinational software corporation that focuses on 3D PCB design, electronics design and embedded system development software.

Altium Designer, a unified electronics design environment links all aspects of smart systems design in a single application that is priced as affordable as possible. With this unique range of technologies Altium enables electronics designers to innovate, harness the latest devices and technologies, manage their projects across broad design ‘ecosystems’, and create connected, intelligent products.
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