Plague Inc Evolved v0.8.6.2 Cracked-3DM

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  相信不少人都在手机上玩过瘟疫公司(Plague Inc)这款游戏吧,或者同类型的游戏。

Plague Inc.是一款以病毒传染为题材的策略型游戏,要求玩家将某种病原体散布到世界各地从而制造一场超级大瘟疫,最终让全球人类死于传染病。在病原体的传播、侵染过程中,玩家需要不断增强其传染性和抵抗力,同时还需要应对全球科学家的对策。



Plague Inc.是一个看起来简单的数字游戏,你好似有足够长的时间慢慢等待病毒爆发,最终袭卷全世界,但如果只是这样的话游戏就没有什么意思了,游戏中考验你制定策略的能力,以及与面对实际情况的应变能力,你不仅要为你的病毒增加传染渠道,也要控制它在一定时期的致命性,而且你还需要注意疾病是否设计完美,存在某项缺陷比如不耐高温,会导致最终时刻来临前疾病被治愈。所以游戏中你要保证留有一定的DNA研究点数,在大面积爆发并于医学机构做对抗的时候,可以使病毒产生其他的副作用和变种,使其难以被治愈。游戏具有较高的重玩价值,另外它也告诉你,生病了最好立即去看医生,没准里面潜伏什么呢。

该游戏首次登陆PC平台会得到加强,也就是Plague Inc: Evolved(瘟疫公司:进化版),它将于美国时间2月20号以抢先体验的身份登陆Steam。

1. 联机模式:合作和对战。合作模式允许玩家们一起抵御疫苗,而对战模式则是比谁先征服世界。
2. 自定义关卡,可以创建新的病毒种类和世界,并且通过Steam Workshop分享
3. 更好的画面以及更多游戏内的状态统计
4. 以及更多内容

Note: 3DM or other p2p releases are not always perfect or compatible with all systems. So if it doesn’t work, don’t blame their effort & wait for the scene release/s(if there is any).

Description: Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected ‘Patient Zero’ – now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.


  • 10 Different Disease Types – Master every pathogen; from bacteria to bio-weapons and mind control to zombies, end humanity by any means possible – different diseases will need radically different approaches.
  • Infectious Multiplayer – Cooperative and Competitive gameplay; team up to fight the cure with friends, or compete in a race to kill the world.
  • Contagious Content Creator – Hit the lab; develop your own custom scenarios – creating new plague types and worlds. Bring your deadliest ideas to life and share them with Steam Workshop.
  • 18 Unique Scenarios – Adapt your strategy; scenarios create further challenges for your pandemic – how will you handle a new strain of Swine Flu, or infect a world in Ice Age?
  • Stunning Graphical Features – Watch your disease take hold; witness your pathogen mutate in real-time disease models, see humanity’s struggle at street-level on city-cams, and watch the full effect of your mutations organ-by-organ on the body scanner.
  • Hyper-Realistic World – Strategize in the real world; advanced AI and use of real-world data and events make Plague Inc: Evolved a highly authentic simulation of a world-ending pathogen. Even the CDC likes it!
  • Deadly Data – Geek out with stats and graphs; monitor infection and death levels, track government reactions and cure efforts, then review your plague’s success (or failure!) with full game replays.
  • And much more… – Including speed runs, Mega-Brutal difficulty and genetic modification… Plus loads of new disease types and scenarios in future (free!) updates.

Publisher: Ndemic Creations
Developer: Ndemic Creations
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy, Early Access

Release Name: Plague.Inc.Evolved.v0.8.6.2.Cracked-3DM
Size: 205.20 MB

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