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CD-Adapco Optimate 8.06.007 Windows x32x64 / Linux 64bit

CD-Adapco Optimate 8.06.007
Optimate 允许使用 STAR-CCM+ 进行自动搜索和优化,为用户提供 "点击即完成"的操作便利。
CAE 技术这几年已经逐步成熟,数值模拟正被完美整合至设计流程中,向模拟的自然转变有助于在设计初期阶段对产品设计进行优化。


凭借此技术,可以在单个集成程序包中将 CAD 导入阶段与方案优化直接联系起来,带来更高效的流程。

CD-adapco 已经与 Red Cedar Technology 公司合作推出了 Optimate 软件,作为 STAR-CCM+ 的扩展模块,为 CAE/CFD 模拟的设计开发和优化提供突破性的解决方案。 Optimate 使用 Red Cedar 的 HEEDS 执行所有后期处理工作。 Optimate 目前以两种模式提供:

优化模式 (Optimate+)

Optimate+ 是对 Optimate 的扩展,通过使用 Red Cedar 公司的 SHERPA 算法,可提高执行自动设计优化研究的能力,同时提供优化复杂 CFD 模拟所需的效率。 一旦设计变量、参数和优化目标设置完成,流程将完全在 STAR-CCM+ 内自动进行,无需任何描述,让工程师将精力集中在产品的设计上。

设计开发模式 (Optimate)

在该模式中,Optimate 可用于设计开发研究,如航空负载数据库、压气机特性线图和复制测试,只需对初始模拟进行简单设置,Optimate 将执行余下的工作。 Optimate 将在开发空间内自动组织和提交所有设计工作,并收集和组织模拟结果。


Optimate 配备 CD-adapco 的革命性计算能力令牌许可,消除了许可与硬件之间的限制关系,为用户提供更多灵活性。 使用 Optimate 时,用户将拥有一定数量的计算能力令牌,在模拟运行中使用。 可视作 STAR-CCM+ 或 STAR-HPC 的会话。 每个令牌均代表一个 CPU 上的处理工作。 用户可视情况将能力令牌在多个工作中拆分或集中在一个工作中。 例如,若用户拥有 100 个能力令牌,他可以在 100 个 CPU 上执行一个并行工作,或在 10 个 CPU 上执行 10 个并行工作,亦或在一个 CPU 上执行 100 个并行工作。 令牌可以重复使用,因此当一个工作完成,用户可再次执行其他工作。 许可授权的目的是让用户从一个相同的 .sim 父文件执行多个并行工作。

通过 Optimate 和 STAR-CCM+,在没有许可限制的条件下,你将获得一份出色的解决方案,让你的设计优化成为现实。

 CD-Adapco Optimate 8.06.007 | 356.2 mb

CD-adapco and Red Cedar Technology announced they have joined forces to offer a breakthrough solution for design exploration and optimization with CAE/CFD simulation.

Optimate and Optimate+ are add-on modules for STAR-CCM+ that directly employ state-of-the-art process automation and design optimization technology from Red Cedar. The Optimate solution, which includes CD-adapco's Power Token software licensing, eliminates the barriers that have historically prevented CFD-based design optimization with any real practicality.

Optimate allows engineering designers to easily set up, execute, and post-process design exploration studies such as parameter sweeps and/or DOEs. Optimate+ adds the capability to perform automated design optimization studies using the SHERPA algorithm from Red Cedar, providing the required efficiency for optimization with complex CFD simulations. In addition to DOE methods and the SHERPA algorithm, the Optimate add-ons also tap in to Red Cedar's post-processing methods, which allow users to easily analyze and explore results of design studies.

Following their pattern of innovative CAE software licensing, CD-adapco announced a new Power Token licensing scheme along with the Optimate solution. Power Tokens give the ultimate flexibility to engineers allowing them to maximize their hardware and software configurations for any given situation in the most cost-effective manner. These Power Tokens can be used to "mix and match" the number of simultaneous simulations AND the number of parallel processes within each simulation.

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CD-Adapco Optimate 8.06.007

About CD-adapco

CD-adapco is the world's largest privately held CFD focused CAE provider. Our core products are the technology-leading simulation packages, STAR-CCM+ and STAR-CD. The scope of our activities extends beyond CFD software development to encompass a wide range of CAE engineering services in fluid dynamics, heat transfer and structural engineering. A privately owned company, CD-adapco has maintained 17% organic year-on-year growth over the last 5 years. CD-adapco employs 750 individuals, working at 30 different offices across the globe.

About Red Cedar
CD-Adapco Optimate 8.06.007
Red Cedar Technology helps companies discover better designs, faster. . Our optimization software and services assist our clients in producing innovative solutions, reducing product development time and risks, and meeting or exceeding customer expectations. Product teams worldwide use our expertise to design safer cars, engineer life-saving biomedical devices, and develop innovative structures for air travel and space exploration, among other groundbreaking applications.

Red Cedar Technology is based in East Lansing, Michigan, with distributors throughout the world. We offer optimization services and software to our customers and clients based on our core values unbridled innovation, uncompromising integrity, and quality in everything we do.

Name: CD-Adapco Optimate
Version: 8.06.007
Interface: english
OS: Windows / Linux 64bit
System Requirements: preinstall CD-Adapco Star CCM+ 8.06.005 and above
Size: 356.2 mb

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