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Sky Ball-PLAZA

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《天空球(Sky Ball)》是一款动作类型的解谜动作类游戏,玩家们在游戏中将会身处在神圣的岛屿之上,需要控制好球体在各式各样的环境下解决一系列的难题,并且球体有三种,大家将会根据现实的情报来抉择该使用哪种属性的球体,至于精彩有趣的游戏过程绝对不会让各位失望,所以感兴趣的朋友们抓紧时间下载吧!

Description: In this game you will visit the heavenly islands. Manage the ball get to the final point without falling, while you decide to solve all kinds of puzzles.
The game has 3 types of balls, each of which has unique properties: Wooden – medium characteristics, Metallic – heavy and slow, Fur – light and fast. Each of them is useful to you in a certain difficult situation.


  • Simple operation;
  • Relaxation music;
  • Beautiful, 3D environment;

Genre: Indie
Developer: SPS
Publisher: SPS

Release Name: Sky.Ball-PLAZA
Size: 741.1 MB

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