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Outbreak The New Nightmare-CODEX

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《爆发:新噩梦》(Outbreak: The New Nightmare)是一款和《求生之路》类似的多人合作生存游戏。回到恐怖的根源,你们要共同面对成群的丧尸,收集枪支、子弹、药剂等必需品,从被病毒感染的城市中逃离出去。游戏最多支持4人在线合作,通过语音交流可以更好的完成逃脱。

Description: Enter an unforgiving survival horror experience as you fight for your life against oppressive odds. The horrors of Arzt Memorial Hospital were just the beginning of the outbreak. As the infection spread across the city, local law enforcement fell quickly. You now find yourself trapped in a hellscape with only a few remaining survivors. Scavenge the environment for supplies, face off against the undead and do anything it takes to survive. You have only one life. Make it count!


  • Beauty: Experience the nightmare in beautiful high definition 3D.
  • Film: Fixed and panning camera angles bring the cinematic feel.
  • Campaign Mode: Attempt to escape the quarantine zone.
  • Onslaught Mode: Survive endless waves of the undead.
  • Experiments Mode: Bonus game modes and challenges.
  • Classic: Hardcore survival horror in an unforgiving apocalypse.
  • Cast: Choose from unique characters with their own attributes.
  • Progression: Earn XP, level up and customize each character.
  • Friends: 4-player online co-op multiplayer featuring voice chat.
  • Alone: Play single-player offline in all game modes.
  • Inventory: Choose wisely, your inventory is dangerously limited.
  • Destruction: Numerous firearms, explosives and melee weapons.
  • Replay: Semi-random enemy and item layouts.
  • Controller: Customizable gamepad, mouse and keyboard controls.
  • Worldwide: Cloud-based multiplayer with region selector means no NAT issues.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Dead Drop Studios LLC
Publisher: Dead Drop Studios LLC

Release Name: Outbreak.The.New.Nightmare-CODEX
Size: 5.0 GB

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