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Inkfootage – Ink Drops v1 and V2

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Inkfootage – Ink Drops v1 and V2

Ink Footage videos.
Blots v1 and v2, chamber, runs and bonus footage. All in hd (1920*1080)

Ink Drops V1 Footage

This ink drop footage package contains 12 unique videos featuring beautifully filmed ink drops bleeding across saturated paper. Mmmm, look at that ink bleed. Each individual video lasts around 20-30 seconds, and is great for creating natural reveals, sweet mattes, and bitchin’ abstract backgrounds.

Ink Drops V2 Footage

Ink Drops V2 features another 12 unique videos of ink bleeds. Unlike Ink Drops V1, this package is made up mostly of horizontal and vertical ink drops bleeding across soaked paper. But again, these are perfect for awesome organic reveals, transitions, mattes, and backgrounds. We’re talking USDA organic here, not that imitation “All Natural” garbage. Ok, maybe not USDA organic.

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