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Salesforce Workflow: Getting Started

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Salesforce Workflow: Getting Started

Salesforce Workflow: Getting Started
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Every Salesforce administrator, developer, or specialist should know Workflow. This course gives a practical introduction to using Workflow, including how to enact field updates, send email alerts, send outbound messages to APIs, and create Tasks.

Salesforce Workflow is one of the essential automation-by-clicks tools of the Salesforce platform, and any aspiring Salesforce administrator or developer will find knowing Workflow essential. This course, Salesforce Workflow: Getting Started, provides a practical introduction to Salesforce Workflow, Visual Workflow, and how to introduce automation processes in harmony alongside the efforts of other Salesforce automation. First, you'll explore Workflow at a high level and get an understanding of its uses. Next, you'll learn how to create your own Workflow rules and actions that enact field updates, send email alerts, send outbound messages to outside systems, create Task records, and produce time-dependent actions. Finally, you'll see a comparison to the Visual Workflow tool, and gain an understanding of how to begin designing your own Visual Workflows. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how Salesforce Workflow can impact your organization. Software required: A Salesforce developer org.

Salesforce Workflow: Getting Started

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  1. Saleforce Workflow:入门 每一名Salesforce管理员、开发者或专家都应当了解Workflow。本教程对使用Workflow给出使用的讲解,包括如何制定字段更新、发送邮件警告、发送消息到API和创建任务。 Salesforce Workflow是Salesforce平台重要的自动点击工具,任何一名有理想的Salesforce管理员或开发者将会发现Workflow的重要性。本教程对Salesforce Workflow, Visual Workflow进行了使用的介绍,以及如何与其他Salesforce自动化工作协同工作。首先,你将高屋建瓴地了解Workflow,并理解其使用。接下来,你将学习如何创建你自己的Workflow规则和行动,以制定字段更新、发送警告邮件、想外部系统发送消息、创建任务记录以及创建时间相关的行为。最后,你将看到与Visual Workflow攻击的对比,并明白如何开始设计你自己的Visual Workflow。学习完本教程,你将更好滴理解Salesforce Workflow可以对你的组织产生作用。所需软件Salesforce账号。
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