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TensorFlow 101: Introduction to Deep Learning

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TensorFlow 101: Introduction to Deep Learning
TensorFlow 101: Introduction to Deep Learning
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Ready to build the future with Deep Neural Networks? Stand on the shoulder of TensorFlow and Keras for Machine Learning.

This course provides you to be able to build Deep Neural Networks models for different business domains with one of the most common machine learning library TensorFlow provided by Google AI team. The both concept of deep learning and its applications will be mentioned in this course. Also, we will focus on Keras. This course appeals to ones who interested in Machine Learning, Data Science and AI. Also, you don't have to be attend any ML course before.

TensorFlow 101: Introduction to Deep Learning

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  1. TensorFlow 101:深度学习简介 准备好通过深度神经网络打造未来了吗?站在Tensorflow和Keras机器学习的基础之上。 本教程为你带来了,使用有Google AI团队所提供的,最常用的机器学习库之一Tensorflow,为不同业务领域开发深度神经网络模型。深度学习的概念机器应用都会在教程中被讲到。同样,我们还会关注Keras。本教程的目标学习对象是对机器学习、数据科学和AI感兴趣的人。你无需具备任何机器学习课程的经验。
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