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Nucleus SoundLab The Euphonic Strings REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE

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Nucleus SoundLab The Euphonic Strings REASON REFiLL-DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE screenshotTeams DISCOVER & SYNTHiC4TE | 04-07-2013 | 5.50 GB

The Euphonic Strings ReFill brings you a highly playable, dynamic and beautiful-sounding string section for your Propellerhead Reason rack. Zampled has lovingly recorded over 6,300 24-bit samples to create the best strings you've ever heard in Reason.

Realistic & Dynamic. The Euphonic Strings ReFill is extremely detailed. Instruments have been painstakingly sampled in 1 or 2 note increments and in multiple layers for maximum realism. Many patches feature dynamic articulations ranging from very light 'piano', to medium soft 'mezzo piano', medium loud 'mezzo forte', and loud 'forte', enabling expressive, dynamic playing from your MIDI keyboard. As well as velocity dynamics, you'll also find 'round robin' style patches (such as the 8 layer spiccato viola patch in the free demo combinator) where repeated notes trigger different layers of samples so each played note sounds slightly different to the last. Play fast staccato lines and it won't sound like a machine - each note you play triggers a different sample of that particular note of the instrument so your strings sound alive and real!

Perfect For Your Modern Productions. Whether you want an intimate string quartet for your folk song or a lush and full string section for your trance track, Euphonic Strings does it better than any other string or orchestral Refill available for Reason. It all starts with beautifully recorded 24-bit samples of talented string performers. The raw samples are are kept very long for maximum realism, and have been expertly looped for infinite sustain where required.

But What About Orkester? The Orkester strings included with Reason were great in 2002, but a side-by-side comparison with Euphonic Strings makes the difference very clear. Orkester sounds muddy and undefined, and does not feature any round-robin patches or deep layering etc. Euphonic Strings sound alive and real - ready for professional production work, and truly world-class. Take your production's strings to the next level by choosing Euphonic Strings!

System Requirements:

Reason 6.5+ (all higher versions supported). 2gb RAM required, 4gb recommended.

• Over 8gb of samples consisting of 6,300 waveforms.
• 24-bit 44.1khz sampling quality.
• All samples in stereo - except for solo bass.
• 105 Combinators.
• 88 NN-XT Patches.
• Massively multi-sampled.
• Extensive dynamic and alternating layers.

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