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Azure PowerShell Playbook: Azure SQL

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Azure PowerShell Playbook: Azure SQL

Azure PowerShell Playbook: Azure SQL
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This course covers how to manage your Azure SQL instance from PowerShell. You'll learn how to set up and configure SQL Servers, migrate local databases to Azure, and run SQL Scripts against your Azure SQL servers.

Azure SQL is a powerful database platform, providing a stable environment to migrate your local SQL Server databases to the cloud. PowerShell is key to that effort, letting you automate the migration process as well as maintenance. In this course, Azure PowerShell Playbook: Azure SQL, you'll explore how to set up a SQL Server in Azure SQL and configure its firewall. First, you'll learn how to migrate an on-premises database to your new Azure SQL Server. Along the way, you'll discover how to set up resource groups and storage accounts, as well as automating the export of your local databases to bacpac files. Next, you’ll learn how maintenance is a key component to managing your Azure SQL installation, so you will see techniques for applying multiple SQL scripts against your Azure SQL. Finally, Azure can get expensive, so you'll learn how to remove everything you've created, both individually and in bulk, so you can manage your valuable resources only using them when needed. By the end of this course, you'll have a better understanding of how to utilize PowerShell to manage your Azure SQL databases.

Azure PowerShell Playbook: Azure SQL

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  1. 本课程介绍如何用PowerShell管理您的 Azure SQL的实例。您将学习如何设置和配置sql server, 如何将本地数据库迁移到 azure, 以及如何在azure sql server上运行 sql脚本。 Azure sql 是一个强大的数据库平台, 它提供了一个稳定的环境, 可以将本地 sql Server 数据库迁移到云中。PowerShell 是这一迁移过程的关键, 让您能够自动化迁移过程以及维护。在本课程中, 您将探讨如何在azure sql 中设置 sql Server 并配置其防火墙。首先, 您将了解如何将内部部署数据库迁移到新的 Azure SQL Server。一路上, 您将了解如何设置资源组和存储帐户, 以及如何自动将本地数据库导出到 bacpac 文件。接下来, 您将了解如何维护是管理 azure sql 安装的关键组件, 因此您将看到针对 azure sql 应用多个 sql 脚本的技术。最后, Azure 可能会变得资源消耗很大, 因此您将学习如何删除您所创建的所有内容, 无论是单独的还是散装的, 这样您就可以在需要时使用它们来管理宝贵的资源。在本课程结束时, 您将更好地了解如何利用 PowerShell 管理 Azure SQL 数据库。
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