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Panacea Last Will Chapter 1-PLAZA

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《万灵药:最后的遗嘱(Panacea: Last Will)》是一款带有恐怖氛围的冒险动作类游戏,游戏中将会有大量的笔记和闪回画面,玩家们将会根据这些线索内容来探知和发现游戏的整体剧情,揭开背后的谜题,但是要注意的是还会有怪物不时地出现,千万别被发现,否则就会被撕成碎片,至于惊险刺激的游戏氛围绝对会让那些酷爱这类游戏的玩家玩得不亦乐乎!

Description: Panacea: Last Will (Chapter 1) is an Amnesia-like survival horror game with lots of notes, flashbacks and a storyline to tell you about what’s going on, as well as monsters ready to tear you apart at first sight!

The protagonist comes to the mansion for the funeral of his recently deceased friend William. In a note that had been written shortly before his death, William asked the protagonist to carry out his final request and destroy all the documents concerning his studies of black magic. William had gone too far in his research which resulted in strange things happening inside the mansion. Be careful and remember: death is just the beginning…

Genre: Indie
Developer: Horrendous Games
Publisher: Horrendous Games

Release Name: Panacea.Last.Will.Chapter.1-PLAZA
Size: 1.3 GB

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