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CreativeLIVE – What’s Your Home Design Personality?

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How to Draw Cars - The Techniques of Scott Robertson


 CreativeLIVE - What's Your Home Design Personality?

English | January 23-25, 2014 | mkv | H264 1280x720, 854x480 | AAC 2 ch | 11 hrs 47 min | 9.38 GB

On this DVD, Scott demonstrates the basic drawing techniques he uses when drawing cars. The lecture begins with a detailed look through some of his past car drawings and the strategies employed while drawing them. Next, Scott demonstrates his techniques of establishing a perspective view and the proportions of a car. After these basic setup steps, follow along as he draws three cars, each in a different perspective view. This DVD is a solid introduction to drawing cars of your own design in perspective with a focus on basic drawing skills.

Topic Covered:
- Car Drawing Strategy
- Establishing Your View
- Basic Proportions
- Section Drawing
- Perspective Construction
- Freehand Drawing Techniques
- Building Forms of Your Design

How to Draw Cars with Scott Robertson [Repost]


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  1. 此教程中,Scott展示绘画汽车的基本技巧。本篇通过观察以往绘画车辆细节入手运用相应绘画手法,使用透视角度定义车身比例。当基础部分完工后,逐步使用不同的透视角度来绘制三部汽车。本DVD是全面运用基础绘画技巧使用透视角度绘画不可多得的教程。
    PengQ(特殊组–翻译)5年前 (2014-02-16)
  2. 此教程中,Scott展示绘画汽车的基本技巧。本篇通过观察以往绘画车辆细节入手运用相应绘画手法,然后Scott将使用透视角度定义车身比例。当基础部分逐步完工后,逐步使用不同的透视角度来绘制三部汽车。本DVD是全面运用基础绘画技巧用自身透视角度绘画不可多得的教程。
    PengQ(特殊组–翻译)5年前 (2014-02-16)
  3. 此教程中,Scott展示绘画洗车的基本技巧。本篇通过观察以往绘画车辆细节入手运用相应绘画手法。接着Scott将动用确定透视角度定义车身比例。当基础部分逐步完工后,逐步使用不同的透视角度来绘制三部汽车。本DVD是全面运用基础绘画技巧用自身透视角度绘画不可多得的教程。
    PengQ(特殊组–翻译)5年前 (2014-02-16)