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Learning R for Data Visualization

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Learning R for Data Visualization
Learning R for Data Visualization
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R is on the rise and showing itself as a powerful option in many software development domains. At its core, R is a statistical programming language that provides impressive tools for data mining and analysis, creating high-level graphics, and machine learning. R gives aspiring analysts and data scientists the ability to represent complex sets of data in an impressive way.

The course is structured in simple lessons so that the learning process feels like a step-by-step guide to plotting. We start by importing data in R from popular formats such as CSV and Excel tables. Then you will learn how to create basic plots such as histograms, scatterplots, and more, with the default options, which guarantees stunning results.

The second part of the course is dedicated to interactive plots. Static plots, in fact, are extremely important for scientific manuscripts, but nowadays most of our work is done online on websites and blogs, where static plots do not harness the full potential of the technology. Interactive plots, on the other hand, can improve that and allow us to present our results in more appealing and informative ways, by using the native language of the web. Do not worry though, you will not need to learn an additional programming language because this course will show you how to create stunning web plots directly from R.

In the final part of the course, the Shiny package will be extensively discussed. This allows you to create fully-featured web pages directly from the R console, and Shiny also allows it to be uploaded to a live website where your peers and colleagues can browse it and you can share your work. You will see how to build a complete website to import and plot data, plus we will present a method to upload it for everybody to use. Finally, you will revise all the concepts you've learned while having some fun creating a complete website.

Learning R for Data Visualization

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  1. 学习R数据可视化 R正在崛起,并在许多软件开发领域展示了其强大的功能。究其核心2,R是一种统计编程语言,能够为数据挖掘和分析提供令人印象深刻的工具,创建高端图形以及机器学习。R为雄心勃勃的分析师和数据科学家提供了以令人惊叹的方式展示复杂数据的能力。 本教程的结构简单轻松,这样的学习过程感觉像是一步步地指导画图。我们将从在R中导入流行的数据格式,如CSV和Excel表开始。然后,我们将学习如何创建基本的绘图,如直方图、散点图等,使用默认选项,这可以确保出色的效果。 第二部分的教程所讲的内容是交互图。静态图实际上对科学手稿极其重要,但是时下我们大多数的工作是通过在线完成的,静态图发挥出这些科技的全部潜力。互动图正相反,可以通过web原生语言改进这一点,并允许我们以更吸引人和更具有信息量的方式呈现数据。别担心,你无需学习一门额外的编程语言,因为本教程将会为你演示如何直接从R创建出色的web图表。 最后的部分将会详细讲到Shiny包。这可以让你直接从R控制台创建功能完整的web页面,并且Shiny还会允许其上传到网站,这样你的同事就可以通过你的分享看到你工作成果了。你还会学习如何开发一个完整的网站来导入和绘制数据,另外我们还会展示上传为任何人都能使用的方法。最后,你将回顾所学的所有内容,并会创建一个完成的网站。
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