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Hetman Uneraser 4.1 Multilingual

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Hetman Uneraser 3.2 Multilanguage

如果您正在寻求一种工具,将帮助您迅速恢复您的数据后,删除-故意或意外后-选择He tmanUn eraser。 Hetman Uneraser是专为这些需求。提供一个简单和用户友好的界面类似于Windows资源管理器,它与任何类型的现代和传统媒体,支持所有文件类型和将能够恢复您的文件即使在硬盘格式化!

Hetman Uneraser 4.x | 15.4 MB

Hetman Uneraser recovers deleted files from IDE / ATA / SATA / SCSI hard and external drives,USB and FireWire storage devices, ZIPs and 3.5" disks. The File Recovery Software can unerase deleted files from any cell phones and photo camera memory cards. No matter which file system you use - FAT16, FAT32 or NTFS - Hetman Uneraser will be equally efficient data recovery program. Hetman File Recovery Software will easily recover deleted office documents produced by Microsoft Office or Open Office.

Here are some key features of "Hetman Uneraser":
· VFAT, FAT12/16/32 - the software scans and analyses disk data sector by sector. Hetman Unersser identifies image data and shows the image preview to the user. Full disk scanning is performed to find and restore images that have been removed from FAT tables.
· NTFS/NTFS4/NTFS5 - the software analyses the disk and uses native Windows features for reading encrypted or compressed sectors. You will be able to recover even those files that were stored on encrypted or compressed NTFS volumes.
· The tool allows you to preview deleted files prior to recovering them - Now you can select the files to be recovered. The software finds and displays the deleted files. You can enlarge them for preview purposes or use a filter to reduce the number of images to be displayed. The files that you can see in the preview area will be 100% recoverable after you register the program!
· Recovers files from deleted volumes - Data are often lost after power failures, hardware crashes and virus attacks. Hetman Uneraser will recover files from deleted, formatted and damaged volumes on HDD/USB drives and flash cards.
· Deep disk scanning - The use of cutting-edge scanning and data analysis algorithms allows you to find and recover twice as many files than you normally would with our competitors' products.
· Recovers files that were removed from the Recycle Bin - Recovers files that were deleted without being placed to the Recycle Bin or lost after the Recycle Bin was purged.
· The recovery process is fast and simple - Affordable, simple and always efficient, it will help you recover lost data in situations when time is critical and there is no help around.
· Safety - The software makes absolutely no changes to your drives while scanning and recovering data. Hetman Uneraser performs disk scanning on a low level and restores the selected images to a location of your choice.

Home page - http://www.hetmanrecovery.com/

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