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Siemens Star CCM+ 12.06.011 Win/Linux x64


Siemens 公司最近发布最新版:Star CCM+ 12!


STAR-CCM+ 不仅仅只是一个 CFD 求解器,它还是一个解决流体或固体流、传热和应力等相关问题的完整工程过程。

STAR-CCM+ 在解决与多物理和复杂几何形状相关的问题方面拥有无可比拟的优势。 STAR-CCM+ 可在单个程序环境中利用最少的用户投入生产高质量的结果,为此它获得了用户的广泛好评。

Designed to fit easily within your existing engineering process, STAR-CCM+ 可与用户现有的工程流程兼容,帮助用户实现模拟工作流的全自动化,并利用最少的用户互动执行迭代设计研究。



Siemens 致力于通过使用工程模拟帮助公司和组织获得成功。 成功的关键因素就是 STAR-CCM+。

CD-Adapco Star CCM+ 12.x with Tutorials
CD-adapco, a global provider of multidisciplinary engineering simulation and design exploration software, today announced the release of STAR-CCM+ 11.02, its industry-leading engineering simulation solution. This release delivers new modeling capabilities and brings productivity and usability enhancements that forward the company’s mission to help customers discover better designs, faster.

STAR-CCM+ 11.02 introduces Data Focus, a unique visualization technique to explore and interrogate results interactively. Data Focus provides a live and interactive link between quantitative numerical data in plots and qualitative visual data in scenes. This link between quantitative and qualitative analysis allows the user to easily and effectively gain insight into the key influences on product performance.

STAR-CCM+ 11.02 includes 40 new features drawn from ideas submitted through IdeaStorm, the innovation forum exclusive to CD-adapco customers. These features elevate confidence with results, streamline simulation workflows and increase productivity. They include:

- Local Surface Remeshing: allows for remeshing only selected areas when changing mesh parameters or performing design changes, reducing surface mesh generation time up to an order of magnitude.
- Native Cylindrical Primitive Particle Types in DEM: reduces turnaround time and improves accuracy by representing particles, such as tablets or pellets, using true cylinders as opposed to a collection of spheres.
- Co-extrusion in Computational Rheology: expands the application scope of STAR-CCM+ to include complex extrusion processes involving multiple material streams.
- Hinged Multi-Body Motion: allows for accurate modeling of complex dynamic fluid body interaction scenarios where multiple parts are coupled together with common mechanical joints.
- Fluid-Structure Interactions of Rotating Bodies: enables efficient two-way FSI coupling by simulating rotating solid parts in a local rotating frame of reference, leading to significant time savings in throughput, specifically for applications in the Marine Industry.

Name: Siemens Star CCM+
Version: 12.x
Interface: multilanguage
OS: Windows / Linux
Size: 3.73 Gb + 5.03GB

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