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Vibe – XXL Hip Hop Horns WAV KONTAKT

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Vibe - XXL Hip Hop Horns WAV KONTAKT | 1.43 Gb

XXL HIP HOP HORNS is a virtual instrument created for Kontakt 5.5 and above, designed specifically for Hip Hop producers, DJs, and beat-makers who want to add Royalty-Free solo horn hooks and horn section hooks to their productions.

XXL3X features all of the most popular types of horn elements used in Hip Hop, including:

• XXL Super-Heavy Horn Section Hooks: a collection of horn lines and hooks played by a massive-sounding horn section featuring tuba, bass trombone, and two bari saxes. Also includes a playable instrument patch so you can create your own XXL hooks.

• Horn Section Hooks: live-played horn lines and hooks in a variety of Funk, Soul, and R&B styles, played with a deep swing-feel so they sit right in the groove.

• Solo Horn Hooks: a huge collection of solo horn licks, squeals, and FX, ranging in style from Jazzy to Funky to just plain crazy. Includes solo bari sax, tenor sax, trumpet, and flute.• Scratched & Programmed Horn Hooks: funky turntablist scratch-loops and programmed loops created from solo and horn section samples.

• Sampled Hits, Chords & FX: a collection of stabs, chords, and long notes with a funky, lo-fi vibe…

The GUI controls are:

•TREBLE - increases (turn to the right to) or decreases (turn to the left) the amount of high end.

•BASS - increases (turn to the right to) or decreases (turn to the left) the amount of low end.

•TAPE SAT - adds tape-style compression to the mix

•LO-CUT - cuts low-end, making the loop or sample sound more like an old lo-fi vinyl record.

•VINYLIZER - adds sampled vinyl noise and dirt. Use the button to turn this effect on or off.

•TUNE - raises pitch (turn to the right) or lowers pitch (turn to the left), in half-tone increments.

•REVERB - controls the amount of the type of reverb you select.

•SELECT - a drop-down menu that lets you choose one of 10 quality Convolution Reverbs, ranging in color from super-clean to dirty and funky.A Note About Multi-Colored Patches & Keyswitches
Red keys indicate patches that have Keyswitches. These keys can be used to trigger different articulations, including as sustain, staccato, stabs, and fall-offs.

•Multi-Colored keys are used in patches that have two or more types of polyphonated samples. The different key-colors make it easier to see where each group of samples begins and ends.

Vibe - XXL Hip Hop Horns WAV KONTAKT

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