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Autodesk Vault Products 2019

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Autodesk Vault Products 2019 (x64)
File size: 4.6 GB (total)

Data management and collaboration software. Vault data management software helps designers and engineers organize design data, manage documentation, and track revisions and other development processes.

Vault for design and manufacturing
Manage your product data and engineering processes in a single, central location.

Vault for infrastructure
Create, organize, and manage your civil infrastructure deliverables more effectively in a single central location.

Vault beyond engineering
Helps engineers and the extended team beyond engineering collaborate in one central location.

Vault Professional 2019
Vault Workgroup 2019
Vault Basic Client 2019
Vault Basic Server 2019

Supported Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter (x64)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter (x64)
Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Essentials, Standard, Datacenter (x64)
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise (SP1) (Vault Basic Only) (x64)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional, Enterprise (Vault Basic only) (x64)
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise (Vault Basic only) (x64)

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