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Dr.Web Security Space / Anti-Virus Final

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Dr.Web Security Space / Anti-Virus Final | 283.86 MB / 208.1 MB

Doctor Web released the ninth version of products Dr.Web Security Space 9.0 and Kaspersky Dr.Web 9.0 to protect computers running Windows. In Dr.Web 9.0 has implemented a number of innovations that make enhanced security the most urgent emerging threats. New Dr.Web behavior analyzer will quickly detect the latest modifications Trojan family Trojan.Encoder, provided protection of user data against damage malware improved detection of known threats, hidden under new packers.

Dr.Web Anti-virus - anti-virus, which provides protection from various types of computer virus threats. Dr.Web Anti-virus can check all the Windows memory even on an infected computer and is able to stop the virus process. Unique heuristic technology used antivirus Dr.Web, can detect new viruses and update virus definitions are not yet in the virus database. The new version supports Windows 8.1.

Dr.Web Anti-virus using preventive protection provides control over the following objects:
- The file HOSTS;
- The possibility of low-level disk access;
- The ability to download drivers;
- Access to the Image File Execution Options;
- Access to User Drivers;
- Shell parameters Winlogon;
- Notifier Winlogon;
- Autorun shell Windows;
- Association of executable files;
- Restriction policies run programs (SRP);
- Plugins Internet Explorer (BHO);
- Startup programs;
- Autostart policies;
- Safe mode configuration;
- Options Session Manager;
- System services.

Dr.Web Security Space - best solution for comprehensive protection of PC from online threats: viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, computer scams, spam, phishing messages, infected web sites, and cyber-crime, anti detey.Vazhnym indicator quality anti-virus program is not only its ability to find viruses, but also to treat them, not just delete the infected files, together with important information for the user, but return them to their original 'healthy' state. The new version supports Windows 8.1.

The main components of Dr.Web Security Space
• Dr.Web Scanner for Windows - a virus scanner with a GUI that runs on demand or according to schedule, and anti-virus scan. There is also a version of the scanner with the command line (console scanner Dr.Web for Windows);
• Anti-rootkit Dr.Web (Anti-rootkit API, arkapi) - background scanning for rootkits and new arkapi. Implemented background scanning subsystem and neutralize active threats. Implementation subsystems required substantial processing software libraries Dr.Web.
• Proactive protection - advanced preventive protection of the user's computer Dr.Web Security Space from infection by blocking the automatic modification of critical objects, Windows, and control some unsafe actions.
• SpIDer Guard - anti-virus guard that resides in memory, checks files and memory 'on the fly', and detects virus-like activity;
• SpIDer Mail - mail anti-virus guard, which intercepts any mail clients to mail servers via POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/NNTP (under the IMAP4 meant IMAPv4rev1), detects and neutralizes viruses before a postal letters mail client, or to send mail to the mail server. Mail guard also to scan mail for spam using Antispam Dr.Web;
• SpIDer Gate - antivirus HTTP-watchman. At default settings, SpIDer Gate automatically checks incoming and outgoing HTTP-traffic and blocks sites that contain viruses and other malware;
• Parental control - to restrict access to resources contained both locally at the computer and the network.
- Dr.Web Security Space includes the ability to limit the time of the user in the Internet and computer support accounts Windows, control access to external devices (USB-devices, keyboard, network cards, COM / LPT ports, etc.) deadlocking or notifying users attempting to access the device.
• Dr.Web Cloud - under parental control and SpIDer Gate implemented the ability to check URL's servers 'Doctor Web', similar to previously implemented component of Dr.Web Cloud Checker in Dr.Web Anti-virus for Android.
• Dr.Web Firewall - Personal Firewall designed to protect your computer from unauthorized access and to prevent leakage of sensitive data over the network;
• Updater, which allows registered users to receive updates of virus databases and other files of, and automatically install them; allows unregistered users to register or obtain a demo key.
• SpIDer Agent - module, through which the configuration and management of the components of Dr.Web Security Space Pro.
• the Network - allows you to control antivirus Dr.Web, installed on the computers within the same LAN remotely - without installing the Control Center Dr.Web.

Unlike Dr.Web for Windows in the Dr.Web Security Space does not include Task Scheduler and Dr.Web Scanner for DOS. To perform tasks on a schedule used Scheduler standard Windows.

Changes in version
The company 'Doctor Web' reported the update scanning service Dr.Web Scanning Engine, anti-rootkit module Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API, managing service Dr.Web Control Service and configuration scripts in products Dr.Web Security Space and Antivirus.

- The company 'Doctor Web' reported the update scanning service Dr.Web Scanning Engine (, anti-rootkit module Dr.Web Anti-rootkit API (, managing service Dr.Web Control Service ( and configuration scripts in products Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web for Windows.

- In the components were made internal changes that improve work products.

OS - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Home Page - http://www.drweb.com/

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