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GraphicsGale 2.05.10 + Portable

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好用的动画制作工具工具。GraphicsGale 是一个非常不错的动画制作工具工具!你可以用他对图片进行润饰,描绘!可以用来制作图标,动画!甚至AVI文件!是你制作动画的好帮手!支持BMP, ICO, CUR, ANI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TGA, and AVI格式!

GraphicsGale 2.x | 2 MB

GraphicsGale is a software for editing raster format image. You can retouch a photo, paint a picture, and so on. Unlike most bitmap editors, GraphicsGale can make an animated image with seeing its preview. This feature must be useful for making an animated GIF or a video game character. Built-in GaleBrowser helps you to see and manage many images on your disk. Animated files are displayed in motion. Also you may convert a file format or an image format of many files quickly by Batch conversion.

Main features:
» Multiple frames for an animation
» Multiple layers with an alpha blending
» Real-time preview in editing
» Onion Skin
» Painting tools (Pen, Connect Line, Spline Curve, Rectangle, Oval, Filled Oval, Color Replacer)
» Drawing text (Bordering, Character Pitch, Antialiasing)
» Selecting tools (Rectangular Selection, Oval Selection, Lasso, Magic Wand, Selection By Color)
» Rotate, Stretch, Scroll
» Adjust Color, Grayscale, Various Effects
» Saves to file, Loads from file
» Changes the order of colors
» Makes a gradation
» Removes unused colors
» Unites duplicate colors
» Uniforms colors from multiple files
» Batch conversion
» GIF optimization
» Confirms a file size and an image quality of JPEG
» Outputs an animation as multiple files or a combined file
» Imports multiple files as one image
» Supports SusiePlugin
» Acquires an image from a TWAIN
» Prints multiple frames
» Image Browser
» Customizes shortcut keys

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