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Kodak Preps 8.0.2 Multilingual x86/x64

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Kodak PREPS 6.3

这是一款.专业的拼版工具,采用全新的动态用户界面,并能与其他柯达Unified工作流程产品整合在一起。该拼版软件可通过数字拼版显着减少作业成本和周转时间,为提升印前产能创造了条件。软件.同Adobe Acrobat和Quark Xpress软件兼容,支持方正飞腾PS文件。Preps软件支持超过200多种桌面软件生成的文件格式,包括PDF丶EPS丶DCS丶TIFF丶PS,并且在一个作业中可混合以上所有文件。无缝PDF工作流程可实现快速和精确的本地预览工作流程,可自动接收所有输入的PDF文件进行拼版,并且PDF文件不用转化为PostScript文件,这将显着节约处理时间和磁盘空间。PDF可被存储,或送到输出设备,或导出到Adobe Acrobat。

Kodak PREPS 8x | 376 MB

One of the most widely-used tools in the printing industry, PREPS Imposition Software produces faster, more accurate impositions that maximize press sheet usage. With flexible, easy-to-use templates and libraries, PREPS Software makes it easy to produce similar or repetitive jobs effectively, efficiently and automatically.

For use with third-party RIPs and workflows—or integrated with KODAK PRINERGY Workflow Software, as part of a KODAK Unified Workflow Solution.

*Accelerates and automates the imposition process.
*Supports complex jobs for digital and conventional print with ease.
*Makes it easier to handle large libraries of templates.
*Helps reduce job costs and turnaround times through automation.
*Supports industry-standard PDF input and JDF output files .

What's new and improved in version 7?
*Faster, smarter, template-based impositions—a new template search tool, new SmartMarks options, and an improved Mark Rules Editor.
*Improved production reporting on colors, dimensions and equipment specified for the job.
*Packaging enhancements including enhanced step-and-repeat for packaging applications, and an interface that uses packaging industry terminology.
*All features for all users: Version 7 eliminates the "Pro" distinction. Everyone receives the complete feature set—the equivalent of PREPS Software Pro!
*Completely integrated—within PRINERGY Workflow 6's new Workspace interface.

OS - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Home Page - http://graphics.kodak.com/

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