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Lynda – Letting an Employee Go

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Lynda - Letting an Employee Go

Lynda - Letting an Employee Go | 1.20GB

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All managers know they need to invest extra resources in developing underperforming employees. But at some point, you need to stop that investment and start the process of letting an employee go. In this course, author and business coach Dr. Todd Dewett walks you through the factors you need to consider and plan for before letting an employee go. He provides advice on preparing your pre-meeting work and conducting the termination meeting to minimize difficulty. The course includes reenactments of a typical termination meeting, showing realistic examples for you to consider.


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  1. lynda - 辞退员工 所有的管理人员都知道他们需要在效能低下的员工身上投入更多的精力。但是在某些时候,你需要停止这样的资源投入,开始启动辞退进程。在本教程中,作家以及企业教练Dr. Todd Dewett会带你学习在处理员工辞退一系列工作中需要注意的事情。他会对与员工的会面准备,直到最终的结束提供相应的建议,从而将困难降到最低。本教程通过一个典型的辞退通知场景的重现,演示在真实情况下所需要注意的事情。
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