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Phenomenon 3 Outcome Collectors Edition v1.50-TE

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异象3:结局(Phenomenon 3: Outcome)是BigFish发行的冒险解谜游戏,该款游戏的画面非常漂亮,吸引了很多玩家们的眼球,给他们带来了视觉上的享受。游戏讲述了在主角5岁生日的时候,他和自己的父母一起逛古老的公园,而这时天空突然昏暗下来,一场暴风将一家人卷走了,而就这个风暴在一道闪电下夺走了他父母的生命,但主角醒来的时候发现自己手中握着金色徽章,直到有一天徽章把主角带到了一个地方,而在这里究竟会发生什么样的事件呢?谁也不知道,让我们一起来解谜,寻找这个答案吧!

Description: Save the world from an alien substance in Phenomenon: Outcome! When a medallion you’ve had your whole life suddenly starts acting strange, you follow its trail to a mysterious island. There, you discover a deadly Cyan Plasma that threatens not only the island, but the entire world! You must seek out a missing research team to uncover the secrets of the plasma before it spreads across the globe. But time is running out… Can you find their base before it’s too late? The power is in your hands in this thrilling Hidden Object Adventure game!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Lead a daring evacuation in the bonus game
  • Gorgeous wallpapers and concept art
  • Music tracks from the game
  • Available Strategy Guide

Release Name: Phenomenon.3.Outcome.Collectors.Edition.v1.50-TE
Size: 698.91 MB
Links: NFO

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