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The App Business Academy

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The App Business Academy

The App Business Academy

Modules 1-5 | 66 MP4's | AVC at 352 Kbps, 854 x 480, 5 fps | AAC at 128 Kbps, 2 channels, 44.1 KHz | English | 994 MBGenre: Business eLearning | Also included: 4 PDF's (Reports) | Author: John Reese
Module 1 - Foundation and Tools

How To structure your app business
Planning & Forecasting
Understanding app store landscape
Calculate ROI and project cash flow
Track and analysis of app analytic
Reporting tools for your app network
Back end management and services

Module 2 - Competitive Research and Spying

Best research tool you must use
How to deconstruct an entire app
Virality Monitoring: Movement alerts
Follow the cash technique
International App espionage
Locate new services and get early access
How to play download detective

Module 3 - App Construction

App types and what to build next
How to go from idea and uploaded app
How to create an accelerated pipeline
Finding outsources to do the work
How to construct your "app team"
"App models" and why you need them
Secrets of UI design for monetization
The App Business Academy

Module 4 - App Marketing

How to do an app launch
App store SEO tricks and Techniques
NLP Review Method - Raise Review scores
social proof for maximum downloads
International mini-launches
Update secret for boosintgg downloads
How to buy cheap downloads
The App Business Academy
Module 5 - Monetization

All Advertising income streams
How to maximize In app purchasese - the 40% more tricks
In-App affiliate methods
Leveraging user rewards for max cash
Tactics for continuity and subscriptions
Price bouncing method
How to build a virtual goods economy

Live Webinars

Module 1 & 2 Recap, Brainstorming and Q&A.

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