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Concept Cookie – Motion Blur, Depth of Field, and Atmospheric Perspective

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Hello and welcome to this tutorial on introducing the concepts and understanding of creating motion blur depth of field and atmospheric perspective.

In this tutorial Tim Von Rueden takes you through the basic understanding of the three visual illusion concepts. This tutorial is the direct result from being the number one requested tutorial from the third week of this months November Citizen Tutorial Request Month. These results were featured from the poll on our Deviantart Page. Stay tuned for future polls in which we will once again ask What tutorial would you like to see?
What youll learn in this tutorial.
In this tutorial we will go through the entire process of understanding character dynamics from the fundamentals of character art!
Motion Blur: This is the result of capturing a few frames in motion caught in a single image. A stable image should be one that is more crisp/sharp while the objects in motion should have a doubling effect which often looks like blur.
Depth of Field: This is the result of focusing of focusing on a particular distance on a subject matter. This makes the areas further and before the focused field appear blurry and has a tendency to add more of the blur effect the farther the distance.

Atmospheric Perspective: This is the result of the atmosphere interference while viewing an image. This tends to happen mostly in environment art but its when the atmosphere is causing the illusion that objects are disappearing the further away the are.
Thanks for checking out this tutorial and this will give you a basic understanding to create motion blur depth of field and atmospheric perspectives in your own work!

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