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Metanota 2.4.1 MacOSX

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Metanota 2.4.1 | MacOSX | 9 Mb

Metanota is a simple, plain text note taking app with Markdown support that syncs with the cloud.Notes can be stored on your local drive or synced with Simplenote and/or Evernote.More cloud providers will follow (like iCloud, Google Drive or Dropbox)...

100% in sync with your remote Simplenote and/or Evernote account

All notes and tags, even deleted notes, are kept perfectly synchronized

But you can work offline as long as you want and even don't use a cloud service at all 

Markdown highlighting

The note editor automatically formats the text, in real time, using the well known Markdown syntax. It will handle beautifully headers, highlights, lists, links, pre formatted text and more.

If you don't like Markdown, you can turn it off and use simpler formatting options, like first line formatted as a title 

All functions are easy to see and access

The user interface is carefully streamlined, no unnecessary elements are left floating around.

Metanota’s goal is to avoid interfering between you and your work. 

Quickly search in notes and content

With Metanota you can find notes easily by content, or find and highlight words in the note editor as well.

Fully and consistently manage Simplenote tags and Evernote folders

Tags are presented as folders, making easy to neatly organize your content.

Local folders can be created, renamed or deleted, every change being promptly replicated online

You can even drag and drop notes between folders and accounts.

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