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3DBuzz – Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 2.1

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Unity空战游戏实例训练视频教程,3DBuzz Practical Game Development in Unity 4 Level 2.1,时长:7小时,教程使用软件:Unity,语言:英语。

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19 Lesson Over 7 hrs Training Project Files Included MP4

This video series is all about the practical approach to using the tools made available to us in Unity 4 to create our very own video game! Over the course of over 7 hours of training content, we will create a 3D Asteroids-style game – complete with Freelancer-style spaceship movement and weapon controls. We will show everything from a modular player controller all the way to implementing custom sounds – both 2D and 3D – and polishing the game up with a simple menu system complete with high scores! In addition, we will build a targeting HUD, a waypoint navigation system, and even some spiffy particle effects!

Level 2.1 is the first in a series of training products centered around the creation of an open world 3D space game. The game we put together in this series will serve as the foundation of our future projects in this series!

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