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Hide Folder

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Hide Folder

Hide Files 是一个非常容易使用可以工作在Windows内核级别的文件和文件夹加密工具,支持禁止用户访问互联网,可以为任意程序加上密码保护,可以对任意的文件或者文件夹进行加密隐藏保护。

Hide Folder | 6 Mb

Hide Folder is a secure and user-friendly program that password-protects files, folders and discs. It prevents unauthorized access to important information and programs for every user. Hide Folder protected folders can be completely invisible, inaccessible or accessible in read-only mode. Folder data can be encrypted with one of 9 cryptologic algorithms (BLOWFISH, CAST, COBRA128, PC1, SERPENT, RIJNDAEL(AES), TMS, TRIPLE-DES, TWOFISH). Protected folders and their contents cannot be renamed, modified, deleted, copied, moved, accessed or even seen on the system by other users. Hide Folder 4.7 lets users specify selected programs that will be allowed to access the protected areas (such as virus scanners, disk drive utilities, etc).

One of the most important changes in version 4.7 is the use of impenetrable cryptographic algorithms for data protection. Now your data will stay protected, even if an intruder has stolen the media containing your secure information and attempts an assault using brute-force or other methods on his/her own computer. You can use the powerful encryption functions of Hide Folder 4.7 to transfer your secure information via the net, or even email it, without fear of it being revealed to unauthorized parties.

Hide Folder has added even more functionality to the wide variety of neat features inherited from the previous release. It also has a prettier "XP" look. From Version 2.7, Hide Folder even protects your desktop. Just like any other folder, you can set access permissions to your desktop. In Hide Folder 4.7, you can prevent unauthorized changes to your desktop settings - hot-keys, wallpapers, screensavers etc. with just one click. In addition, Hide Folder 4.7 protects the user settings of My Documents, Favorites, Internet History and OS settings of Control Panel, date and time, Desktop.

Hide Folder is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to lock down their system with ease, confidence and trust. Hide Folder 4.7 is so secure that, even if it crashes or if someone maliciously kills it, your files will remain protected and safe. The program footprint is tiny and the features intuitive in use. It is ideal for schools, offices and homes - any place where each computer is used by more than one person.

Home Page - http://www.hide-folder.com

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