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Lynda – Mograph Techniques: Dynamic Falling Objects in CINEMA 4D

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C4D钱币下落动画训练视频教程,Lynda Mograph Techniques Dynamic Falling Objects in CINEMA 4D,时长:1小时7分,大小:1.2G,格式:MP4高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:After Effects, CINEMA 4D,作者:EJ Hassenfratz,共4个章节,官方发布时间:2014年2月27日,语言:英语。sdfcv2341_6

1h 7m|  Intermediate Feb 27 2014 | Exercise Files | 1.2GB

Create your own pennies from heaven scene with CINEMA 4D. This project based learning experience shows how to use C4Ds Dynamics module to animate falling coins that bounce and collide realistically. EJ Hassenfratz sets up a particle emitter to create a stream of coins from above uses rigid body tag properties like mass and density to apply real-world physics and the Dynamic module settings to control object interactions. Hell also show how to add polish to your project using blur and depth of field in After Effects.

Topics include:
Setting up an emitter
Adding collider body and dynamic body tags
Adjusting force and collision settings
Baking the animation
Rendering and finishing in After Effects

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