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Lynda – Relational Database Fundamentals

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Lynda - Relational Database Fundamentals

Lynda - Relational Database Fundamentals | 327MB

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Genre: eLearning | Level: Beginner | Language: English

Have you ever opened up a database that someone else built and felt a little lost? Or ever thought of designing your own simple database and been unsure of where to start? Or perhaps you need to work with a team of database professionals and don't know how to speak their language? This course will help you overcome these hurdles. Adam Wilbert teaches the basics of relational database design, regardless of whether you are using Access, FileMaker, Open Office, or SQL Server. Learn common database mistakes to look out for, discover how to diagram use cases and requirements to plan your design, and develop a conceptual data model—translating your ideas into components like tables, relationships, queries, and views.

Topics include:

* What is a database management system (DBMS)?
* Moving through the database development cycle
* Preventing duplicate, inconsistent, and conflicting data entries
* Gathering requirements
* Developing relationships
* Identifying key fields
* Following a naming convention
* Developing the actual database
Lynda - Relational Database Fundamentals


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