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Microsoft Visual Studio Premium 2013 + Update 2 ISO-TBE

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002ccdabVisual Studio Premium 2013 是一个集成开发环境,其中包括可供开发团队规划、开发、测试和操作应用程序的先进工具。

无论是编写代码、规划、测试、调试还是管理应用程序,都可以使用 Visual Studio Premium 2013 中功能强大的工具来提高开发团队的工作效率并实现无缝协作,以持续跨设备或云提供高质量的应用程序。

Team collaboration for building great cross-platform apps

Develop applications for devices, the cloud, or a hybrid of both so your team can focus on creating the best applications regardless of where they physically run and minimize the complexity of working across the application stack.

The consistent integrated development environment keeps team members productive even as they work on different technologies or languages. You get a cohesive solution for defining, creating, and operating your applications across a variety of platform stacks.

Release: Microsoft.Visual.Studio.Premium.2013.with.Update.2.ISO-TBE
Size: 5.31 GB

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