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ZBrushworkshop – Texture & Render Realistic Skin

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ZBrushworkshop: Texture & Render Realistic Skin With Kris Kelly
ZBrushworkshop: Texture & Render Realistic Skin | 903.2MB
Learn to create realistic sub-surface skin shaders for a variety of skin types.
Software Used: ZBrush, Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop

Discover Kris Kelly's secrets to creating believable human skin, including techniques for achieving that hyper-realistic look through texturing and rendering!
Kris is an experienced artist who has worked for some of the industry’s most high-profile companies. He has experience as a Texture Artist, a background in 3D animation, hard surface modeling, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He works extremely hard to sharpen his skills and expand his knowledge base.

Module 1 : Module 1
Lecture 1:Establishing the General Form
Lecture 2:Sculpting the Lips, Nose and Ears
Lecture 3:Finalizing the Sculpt

Module 2 : Module 2
Lecture 1:Texture Painting part 1
Lecture 2:Texture Painting part 2
Lecture 3:Tweaking the Texture
Lecture 4:Generating Sculptural Detail from Painted Texture part 1
Lecture 5:Generating Sculptural Detail from Painted Texture part 2

Module 3 : Module 3
Lecture 1:Exporting Maps from ZBrush
Lecture 2:Implementing Maps in Maya
Lecture 3:Creating a Skin Shader
Lecture 4:Adjusting the Reflection
Lecture 5:Making Skin Layers in the Shader
Lecture 6:Tweaking Maps

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