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Derek Allen – Pinterest Invasion

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Derek Allen - Pinterest Invasion

Derek Allen - Pinterest Invasion

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You may have heard of it. Fellas, you may have seen your wife or girlfriend on it a time or two. But did you ever think to use it in your business. If not - you should've! Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sites in the world. The numbers above can't deny it. The best part... It's hasn't been hammered by marketers yet! It's totally wide open (a.k.a not flooded with affiliates and spammers) for marketers like us to gain exposure for our sites, products, affiliate links and even our offline clients businesses… How many times do you get to be the first in on something these days? Not too often. Pinterest is a great resource for traffic, backlinks, you name it!
Derek Allen - Pinterest Invasion
Derek Allen - Pinterest Invasion

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  1. 也许你曾听到过它。也许你看到你的妻子或女朋友访问过它。但是你是否想到将其利用在你的业务中呢。如果没有的话,是该考虑一下了。Pinterest是当今世界发展最快的社交网站之一。其数量是不可忽视的。最好的是,它还没有被营销人士过度开发。它对营销人士来说是完全开放的,利用其可以获得对我们的网站、产品、关联链接甚至线下客户业务的曝光。有多少你能够成为某个领域的第一名?不太多吧。Pinterest是一个绝好的流量来源。
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